Charlie Swinbourne: 6 things to consider before joining a money-making scheme (BSL)

Posted on July 24, 2015


I’m making this video to encourage people to be careful about joining money-making schemes which are appearing out there, some of which might give people the impression they can get rich quickly.

To watch Charlie signing his article, click play below, or scroll down to continue in English!

I remember the Heart scheme, [which was a pyramid scheme] which a lot of Deaf people put money into, expecting to get a lot more money back in return.

Some people did, but others got nothing when the money ran out. People were disappointed, they lost money and the Deaf community was affected.

Last week, a new scheme was talked about, and a Deaf man [Oliver Westbury, who is well-known for being the first Deaf man to walk to the North Pole] made a Facebook video which a lot of people watched.

He was worried that maybe not all Deaf people would understand fully what was involved and think they’d get rich when really they’d end up with nothing.

So I thought I’d make a video of some things to think about if you see a scheme like this. Maybe you can think about these things and they’ll help you make a good decision.

1. Should you have to pay to earn money?

So maybe the scheme offers you a new job. It offers you the chance to make money, but first, you have to pay them.

But usually, the way I understand a job, is that I work, and then I get paid money, and this helps me to live my life. I don’t pay them, they pay me.

So if a scheme expects me to pay them, I think you have to think ‘why?’ and find out more. And ask yourself if this seems right or wrong.

2. Can you afford to pay?

Let’s say you want to do that job, ok, but you have to pay.

Obviously we all have money that we need every month, for our home, bills and food.

If you pay to join this scheme, will you have enough money left for everything else? Make sure you can afford it.

3. If you don’t earn enough, can you get the money back?

So you wanted the job, you’ve got the job, and you’ve paid the money.

If the work is not easy, and you don’t make enough profit, will you get that money back?

You need to ask them, and make sure there’s a contract that says you’ll get the money back.

4. Is the website clear to Deaf customers?

If you decide you want that job and you want to pay, ok, that’s your choice.

But you should check the website that sells the products and see if it’s clear, and if the information about the goods it is selling is clear so that Deaf people understand what they’d be buying.

5. Will there be enough Deaf customers to go round?

If you’re in the job and lots of Deaf people are also in the same job, selling the same things, it’s going to be competitive.

If they’re all selling the same thing, will there be enough people to buy the products?

6. Getting rich isn’t easy – it’s hard work.

The last one!

If people tell you they’re making lots of money and it’s easy to get rich, I think it’s important to realise that making money isn’t easy, it’s hard.

There’s a lot of work, it needs time and dedication. Please don’t think getting rich is easy. Life’s not like that.

Good luck. Bye!

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