The blog of Vetties: Subtitles. On/off?

Posted on August 11, 2015

The first time I had the experience of subtitles was when I saw the first Harry Potter film and I had no idea where to look. Do I look at the pictures or the subtitles? How can I look at both at the same time?!

It is similar when I first learnt BSL, I was looking down at the hands and up at the face. I felt like the Churchill nodding dog. Thankfully, I soon got used multi-tasking by looking at BSL hands and facial expressions at the same time.

Scott and I have subtitles on TV 24/7 (for the record, we do not watch that much TV. My eyeballs would fall out). They are great for the secret background voices that I strain to hear and for cheating on University Challenge. However, there have been times when we have been watching a show and Scott turns to me and asks;

“What did they say?”

Me: “Read the subtitles.” – Sometimes I receive the message before the subtitles appear.

Scott: “I am watching the pictures.”

Me:  “So, I’ll turn them off then?” *holding the remote ready to press the off switch*

Scott: “Nooooooo, I need them to understand what is going on.”

Indecisive! He could always lipread. Right?

There have been many times when Scott has left the house (like 20 minutes ago) and I finally have the TV to myself and you know what that means? NO SUBTITLES!!! Whoooooo, let’s go CrAzY and switch them off!

I can now watch a program where I don’t know what is happening before it has happened (pre-recorded subtitles).

So,there I am relaxing watching the TV with no rainbow lettering plastered across the screen blocking out characters faces when suddenly, 10 minutes later I feel an unwanted emotion. Ugh! An emotion that I have felt before and I know this feeling all too well…

DAM IT!! After years of having them, it feels weird not to have them, so I slowly reach over for the remote and switch on the subtitle button. Boo! Right on cue, Scott returns home.



Verity works as a Support Worker for people with a single/dual sensory loss (d/Deaf, blind, d/Deafblind) and her family are all hearing. Scott is hard of hearing, works as a Furniture Maker and has mixed d/Deaf and hearing family. They have been together for 4 years, engaged for 1 year and their wedding is next year. They say: “We have written a blog about the funny side of our d/Deaf and hearing relationship and we hope you enjoy reading it!” Read it here.

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