RAD: Deaf and need help with completing your Self Assessment by the October 31st deadline?

Posted on October 8, 2015

Launched in June 2015, Royal Association for Deaf people and HMRC’s innovative new service continues to help make tax information and advice more accessible to Deaf people.

With the deadline for submitting paper Self Assessment forms fast approaching; Deaf people can visit www.royaldeaftax.org.uk to access a BSL tax advisor by webcam or contact HMRC direct via Video Interpreting Service.

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One customer explains how they received advice on Self Assessment via the Video Interpreting Service:

“Using Skype and RAD webcam to relay the conversation I had with the tax office – it was great! After a long discussion, I mentioned that I would book again to help me filling the form; knowing the forms will go smoothly without problems. I would recommend to my friends the use of RAD Tax Advice webcam. Thank you so much for setting up and I hope many more Deaf BSL Users will use the link.”

Similarly, Laura Eadsforth, RAD’s tax advisor commented;

“The response from the Deaf community has been overwhelmingly positive. One client even said how useful it was to ‘speak’ to me after work, from a pub – as a hearing person could. It felt like equality!”

Visitors to www.royaldeaftax.org.uk can:

  • Find information in British Sign Language (BSL) about tax credits, PAYE, child benefit and self-assessment
  • Book a FREE webcam appointment in British Sign Language with RAD’s Tax Advisor to solve problems with Tax or Tax Credit
  • Contact HMRC directly via a British Sign Language/ English interpreter using RAD’s Video Interpreting Service. RAD’s Video Interpreting Service gives easy, instant access to registered, qualified interpreters via a PC or tablet.

Dr Jan Sheldon, Chief Executive for RAD said, “We work with Deaf people to make as many mainstream services as possible accessible to Deaf people. The website we have developed with HMRC has been enormously beneficial. For the first time ever, Deaf people have access to information about tax in their first language”.  

For more information visit www.royaldeaftax.org.uk or email taxadvice@royaldeaf.org.uk

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