Deaf News: 9 year old Deaf girl hits local news by spotting punctuation errors in nearby town

Posted on November 2, 2015

A nine year old deaf girl has made local headlines after spotting 15 examples of punctuation errors during a 15 minute walk around a Yorkshire town – including Yorkshire staples such as pies, pasties and cakes.

Extract below:

A NINE-YEAR-OLD schoolgirl found 15 examples of the incorrect use of apostrophes during a 15-minute walk in Keighley.

As part of a school project, Ammarah Mahmood, who is deaf, wandered around the market and surrounding area looking for mistakes – specifically the ‘apostrophe-S’ – on signage.

And the youngster, a pupil at Swain House Primary School in Bradford, was shocked at what she found.

The errors she spotted included: Banana’s; Happy Holiday’s; No Drink’s Allowed in Shop; Pie’s, Pasty’s, Sandwich’s and Cakes; DVD’s; Customers For Taxi’s Please Wait Here; Toilet’s and Open Sunday’s.

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