Deaf News: Sense charity criticises lack of long-term vision for social care in George Osbourne’s Spending Review

Posted on November 26, 2015

National deafblind charity Sense has expressed disappointment in yesterday’s Government Spending Review, which announced that councils will be allowed to raise council tax for investment into social care.

Richard Kramer, deputy chief executive of Sense, said:

“We’re extremely disappointed by the lack of a long term vision for social care. Providing councils with the flexibility to raise revenue themselves for social provision isn’t a solution. The total that could potentially be raised by this “new power” across the rest of parliament is under £2bn.  This is insufficient to make any real difference to a social care system that is quickly spiralling into crisis.  The “new power” will have the least effect in the areas of the country where property values are lower, while we know that the need the need for social care is higher in areas with higher levels of poverty.

Social care is consigned to be the poor relation of public services at a time when it continues to face the biggest challenges with an unprecedented increase in demand for services by vulnerable and disabled people.  Not only does this create further uncertainty for the sector, it also puts extra pressure on people who will have to struggle further with less support.

The rationing of social care has a knock on effect and will result in further demands on the NHS, undoing the additional funding that has been announced today.  The NHS will, more regularly become the default backup, incurring wasteful costs when people would far rather be at home.”


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