Deaf News: Deaf BSL tutor says his life has been ruined by court nightmare

Posted on November 30, 2015

From the Hinkley Times:

A sign language tutor wrongfully accused of torching his own home says the two year court ordeal has ruined his life.

All charges against Michael Broderick have now been dropped but the fallout from the case has meant the 55-year-old is broke and out of work.

He has lost his business, used up all of his savings and suffered two heart attacks linked to stress.

Michael, who is deaf, is considering taking action against Leicestershire Police and is appealing for a solicitor to help him with his complaint.

He is also hoping members of the sign language interpreter community will come forward to assist him on a voluntary basis as he is reliant on their skills when dealing with the hearing world but doesn’t have the means to pay.

Without an interpreter he says he cannot seek proper redress for the injustice done against him nor begin to build up his business once more and regain his reputation and livelihood.

Michael said: “It is a vicious circle. I have lost everything, my business, friends, students, my registration as an instructor so I cannot teach. I feel people are laughing at me and talking about me and I cannot communicate because I cannot afford an interpreter.

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