Rebecca Atkinson: Top 5 Christmas toys featuring deafness!

Posted on December 9, 2015

Christmas in nearly upon us, children across the land are drawing up lists for Father Christmas, but where do you go if you want toys that celebrate Deafness?

Limping Chicken caught up with Deaf Journalist and Writer, Rebecca Atkinson, who reflects on the progress of #ToyLikeMe® and shares her top five Deaf toy picks.

#ToyLikeMe® top 5 Christmas toys featuring deafness.


  • Makies Dolls – These 3D printed dolls are made bespoke to order and you can now get #ToyLikeMe® endorsed inclusive accessories including hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Monkey with BAHA

  • Weesie Pals – Creating bespoke cuddly critters with a range of inclusive accessories including bone-anchored hearing aids, and cochlear implants we love independent toy maker, Weesie Pals.



300P033 - pirate puppet sitting clipped

If you would like to see more disability and deaf representation in toys please spare a moment to vote for #ToyLikeMe’s design on Lego ideas:

In April this Rebecca noticed that there was almost no representation of deafness and disability in the toy box. With the help of some friends, she set about establishing # ToyLikeMe®, to call on the global toy industry to positively represent the 150 million children with deafness and disabilities worldwide.

#ToyLikeMe®, soon went viral and now has thousands of followers spread over 45 countries.

“#ToyLikeMe® is less than a year old,” says Rebecca, “But we are so happy to have raised this debate in the toy industry, and already this Christmas parents and carers have a little more choice.”

The campaign has received the backing of several toy brands including Makie dolls, who have already produced a range of 3D printed toy hearing aids and cochlear implants to accessorize their dolls in response to #ToyLikeMe®, and global toy brand, Playmobil are set to launch a set of toys inspired by #ToyLikeMe® in 2016/17.

“The response has been incredible,” says Rebecca. “It’s so exciting to think that Deaf and disabled children can finally have a ‘toy like them’ for Christmas this year. It really helps to normalise disability for all children and build positive attitudes and self esteem.”

Every day #ToyLikeMe® receives emails from parents and carers looking for representative toys, but, as Rebecca explains, the choices are still very narrow.

“There is still a lot more to be done,” says Rebecca, “We really hope that in 2016, more mainstream toy brands will wake up and realise that it’s time to end this exclusion and start celebrating ALL children though toys.”

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