Read: Jen Dodds’ blog for the Guardian about how her local community in Mytholmroyd is coping following the floods

Posted on January 6, 2016

Our regular writer Jen Dodds has written an excellent blog for the Guardian about how her local community in Mytholmroyd near Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire are coping following the recent floods.

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I cheer internally each time I find out that another business has reopened, which takes the sting off the general bad news, but only just. We have a barber again (but no hairdressers; some have temporarily merged and one was forced to move away) and a cafe (but a whole row of businesses is still closed).

The schools and nurseries that were affected have made alternative arrangements, but the community centre, once a hive of activity, was completely gutted, down to its very last sodden floorboard.

Every day, too, we hear more horror stories. People are finally being allowed to return to their stinking, flooded properties that their holidaying insurers insisted on seeing for themselves. They’re desperate for help, but many of the hordes of volunteer helpers, including me, have had to go back to work and can only watch in dismay until the weekend.

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