Deaf News: Sense urges government to reflect on Lords defeat for Employment Support Allowance cuts

Posted on January 29, 2016

National deafblind charity, Sense, has welcomed the news the government have been defeated in the Lords over plans to cut the benefits of people with illness and disabilities.

Ministers want to cut Employment Support Allowance by £30 a week to spur some new claimants to return to work.

However Sense has argued it would make it harder for those affected to pay for the support that might allow them to find work. Yesterday, Labour, Lib Dem and independent peers joined forces to block the move.

The government may try to overturn it at a later date in the Commons.

Richard Kramer, Deputy Chief Executive at Sense, said:

“Yesterday, members of the House of Lords listened and responded to the concerns of disabled people.  Instead of cutting financial support to people looking for work, the government should now reflect on the Lord’s vote and concentrate on dismantling the real barriers preventing them from finding a job, such as negative attitudes from employers, failure to make reasonable adjustments in the workplace and inaccessible transport.”


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