Deaf Artist Olivier Jamin to showcase his work at Birmingham’s new Grand Central Shopping Centre (BSL)

Posted on February 5, 2016

Birmingham based Deaf Artist Olivier Jamin has secured the opportunity to showcase his work at the new Grand Central Shopping Centre Birmingham and on blowUP media’s giant digital screen near the Bullring Shopping Centre.

Olivier, who is supported by “Grants for the Arts” through Arts Council England, is a Contemporary Artist who has been Deaf since birth and has had a lifelong passion for the arts.

To watch Olivier signing about his work, click play below:

Olivier specialises in hand drawn multicoloured art and creates Stencil Graffiti. Some of his hand drawn work uses different styles such as pen dotting style or ‘tricking the eye’ art so people can spend time looking at the artwork rather than a quick 5 second glance.

Olivier's artwork on blowUP media's digital billboard

Olivier’s artwork on blowUP media’s digital billboard

The aim is to produce work that combines the effect of colours and patterns and raise people’s imagination and awareness especially regarding deafness and disabilities.

Olivier is constantly experimenting and finding new ideas and concepts. Much of his work is inspired by influences taken from personal life experiences of being Deaf and from his travels to Europe, Kenya and India.

The installation of Olivier’s work has already begun.

Jonathan Cheetham, General Manager for Grand Central, said: “We have thousands of people passing through Grand Central each day, so we are thrilled to be able to provide Olivier with a magnificent platform to help build further awareness of his inspirational artwork.”

Olivier said: “It’s a dream come true to show my art to the public and to think it will be seen by thousands if not, millions of people as they pass through Birmingham is difficult to conceive. A special thanks to all the people who have supported me over the years”.

Olivier has also made this video to explain how to find the artwork:

Find out more about Olivier on his website:

To find out more about Grants for the Arts visit the “what we do section” on their website:

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