Meet: Catrina Nesbitt, who stars in Pot Noodle’s viral video about a woman with a sign language dream

Posted on February 17, 2016

Pot Noodle has hit the UK charts with a viral video starring Catrina Nesbitt, a performer who grew up in a Deaf family. In the video, we see a young woman preparing to come on stage. When she finally does, there’s a deaf-related twist as we realise she’s signing to the song for the benefit of the audience.

You can see the music video (unfortunately unsubtitled) here:

Tell us about growing up with deaf parents, what was that like?

Growing up with deaf parents.. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Aside from when I was much younger and moaned because I couldn’t shout for my mum and had to actually make an effort to go downstairs from my room to the kitchen! Looking back, that taught me patience.

Being a part of the deaf community here in London is really an extended family. Growing up we would go to the deaf club twice a week and also almost every year we would go on big family holidays with my parent’s friends and their children.

I instantly learnt that they were all consistently there for each other, for life. It is forever love. People may assume by having deaf parents you’re missing out, but clearly this is far from the case.

When did you first learn BSL and have you had more tuition outside your family?

Technically British Sign Language is my first language as I was signing my first words before I could speak them.

Unfortunately I have not had any additional tuition, although this is definitely one of my goals this year. So along with my physical capability I also have my official qualifications on paper.

What was it like appearing in this video?

The whole experience was great. Throughout the filming, I was taken care of & felt completely comfortable on set. The director Carly Cussen was lovely, guiding me with each take.

Getting to know the guys from Raylo was also really cool. Then to the release and response, it is awesome! As I am a dancer, I normally have to spot myself out of a group or in the back, this was my first lead role so it was really nice to see.

The first time I watched it I had a smile on my face through the whole video, I couldn’t really believe it was me!

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