Deaf News: New website launched to deliver innovative community and personal care support to Deaf people

Posted on April 15, 2016

YOUchoose, a Community and Personal Care Support Consortium, has launched a brand new website to promote its services and opportunities to a wider audience, aiming to deliver innovative community and personal care support to Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing clients.

The team behind YOUchoose say that their “‘deaf-specific’ person-centred approach has proven to boost client confidence, reduce isolation, maintain accessibility, increase safety and help clients develop their independence.”

They add: “In the wake of the economic crisis and enduring austerity, provision of health and social care has suffered dramatically. Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing clients no longer feel safe as they do not have access to specialised support as they once did.”

Among the partners in YOUchoose are: DeafCOG, Deaf Smart, Gloucestershire Deaf Association, Manchester Deaf Centre, and Action Deafness.

“The YOUchoose website reflects the exciting developments behind the new consortium and showcases our fresh approach to solutions for Deaf and hard of hearing people in what is clearly a new era.” said Jenny Hopkins, YOUchoose partner and Chief Executive of Gloucestershire Deaf Association (GDA).

Find out more at:

The YOUchoose Partnership will be officially launched in May 2016 during the Deaf Awareness Week.

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