Ai-Media: The 6 best pages for Deaf content on Reddit

Posted on May 14, 2016

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Few sites offer their users a wider selection of topics to discuss than Reddit. There’s a page, or ‘subreddit’, for almost everything. Whether you want to discuss pizza or are in desperate need of a forum dedicated to the letter ‘G’, there’s a subreddit for any niche you could want. As far as deaf subreddits are concerned, there are a number of great ones that are worth looking at.

1. r/deaf

This is a subreddit covering a wide range of topics. You can find general questions and discussions about deafness, from relationships and family to technology. You will also find news articles and captioned videos, including videos with sign language that are captioned for those who do not sign. This is an all-inclusive subreddit that welcomes everyone.

2. r/Deafeducation

Want to learn how to make your classroom more inclusive? This subreddit is the perfect place. It’s an opportunity to interact with those that have experience of teaching deaf students and also those who are actual students. You’ll find educators who want to learn how to integrate sign language into their classes as well as those seeking general teaching tips.

3. r/CaptionPlease

The internet is full of wacky and wonderful videos and this subreddit enables people to make requests for captions for YouTube and Vimeo clips. Both captioners and aspiring captioners can use various tools to enable anyone to enjoy videos ranging from politics to comedy to just about anything you can imagine.

4. r/DeafSkype

Learning any skill requires practice and repetition. This subreddit enables anyone learning sign language to set up connections with deaf sign language users on Skype and improve their signing skills. This provides not only a great opportunity for knowledge sharing but also a terrific opportunity to make new friends along the way, especially if there are no deaf events close to where you live.

5. r/ASL, r/BSL, r/ausign

These are all included together because they serve the same purpose – to provide information about sign language. Whether you want to learn American Sign Language, British Sign Language or Australian Sign Language, you can find images and videos with signing, learners can ask questions about the languages, request signs for specific words and look for tools on how to learn sign language effectively.

6. r/Peopleoftheye

Want to stretch your brain and expand your mind? This subreddit promises to do just that. Created to “dispel false information and reframe issues” surrounding the deaf community, this page contains many fascinating articles delving into philosophy and academia. It also includes interviews of deaf artists and TED Talks. Ultimately, it challenges conventional wisdom.

There are many more subreddits worth checking out in relation to deafness. The internet provides a brilliant opportunity to have a dialogue about deaf issues and Reddit, which is diverse and inclusive of all different communities, can help continue that discussion.

Written by Robert Potter, Captioner

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