Read: Britain must be more deaf aware, says star of ground-breaking BBC documentary

Posted on July 4, 2016

Tonight’s BBC4 documentary Life and Deaf (it’s on at 9pm) is gaining a lot of interest today, with an appearance on BBC News and articles in the press.

One of the stars, Marios Costi has been interviewed in the Independent, and the article can be read here.


Marios works with deaf children and is passionate that clubs like St John’s are vital to kids who have hearing parents who might not speak BSL. “Children say to me, ‘can I stay here please? I don’t want to go home’. You ask them why and they say ‘because I can’t talk to anyone when I get there’. As a deaf adult that really does pull at your heart strings. The more deaf clubs that close down it’s children that suffer as they don’t have anywhere to express themselves use their native language.”

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