Deaf News: Documentary to be made about how Canadian Deaf school survived explosion

Posted on September 2, 2016

A documentary is being made about how Deaf people coped with a well-known explosion which shattered every window of a Deaf school back in 1917. Remarkably, everyone at the Deaf school survived.

Extract from Metronews Canada:

The 1917 Halifax Explosion has been the subject of numerous movies and books.

But the disaster as experienced by the deaf community has been relatively unknown.

That’s why Linda Campbell and Jim McDermott, who are both deaf, decided to co-produce a documentary film to highlight that story.

‘Halifax Explosion: The Deaf Experience’ should be ready for viewing in time for the 100-year commemoration of the event on Dec. 6, 2017.

“Nova Scotia actually has a long history of inclusiveness when it comes to the deaf community and our allies,” explained Linda Campbell.

“Upon learning that the deaf community’s experiences during the Halifax Explosion is so poorly documented despite a wealth of books, movies and published stories about this important event, we felt it was necessary to preserve some of those stories for sharing.”

The producers are fundraising to make the film (email if you’d like to help support it).

Read more here.

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