Calvin Harris: Deaf people’s accomplishments and contributions in the world

Posted on September 16, 2016

Last night, I was asked, “Do you struggle being a deaf person in the real world?”

I sighed and responded, “Well, I want you acknowledge deaf people’s accomplishments and contributions in the world.”

A Deaf Australian woman, Drisana, was named Young Australian of Year for 2015. She has been raising awareness about sign language and human rights of deaf people. She has inspired many of us. She’s only 21 years old (I believe).

Four deaf co-founders started a company, MotionSavvy, focusing on the field of gestural-recognition that identifies our sign language and converts signs into text on devices, breaking down communication barriers and improving our communication accessibility. They recently announced that they have gained 500k funding from Wells Fargo. It is quite difficult to land a large amount and get in one of the top accelerators in the United States.

You know how complicated North Korea is. They’re ruthless. They’re dangerous. Yet a Deaf German came and found a way to convince North Korea to let some Deaf North Koreans visit the World Federation of the Deaf. And the best part about this one was witnessing Deaf North Koreans getting to meet Deaf South Koreans. That was a very special moment for all of us.

Leah is the White House receptionist. Her job is to greet anyone from world leaders or general members to President or high-level profile people. She’s also deaf.

Nyle is currently competing in American’s Next Top Model (ANTM) and is representing the deaf community well by educating the world about being a deaf person. He’s good-looking dude, you’d probably want to marry him. He is literally changing how the world perceives/thinks of deaf people.

Deaf West have produced a Tony-winning musical and were selected to play at a Broadway theatre. They’ve been doing really well. Countless hearing people marvelled at their plays.

Lastly, I’ve been traveling the world for seven months. You’ve no idea how many successful deaf people are out there. I’ve learned many sign languages. Many deaf I have met in the world have always welcomed me. (It’s so easy to make new deaf friends). And I made countless hearing friends. I’m currently working with big-time companies like NorthFace, Patagonia, etc. Philippines Airline has recently contacted me for taking photos in a specific location.

Age doesn’t matter. Skin doesn’t matter. Height doesn’t matter. How smart or stupid you are doesn’t matter. Disability doesn’t matter. What matters the most is that you believe in yourself.

Now, do I really have to give you an answer? Have I said enough? Maybe I should ask, aren’t our actions enough yet?”

Deaf people are capable of doing anything; we have the knowledge and skill to take whatever it is.

However, obstacles do still exist in our lives but, again, let’s remind ourselves the fact there aren’t as many obstacles today as there used to be.

With a driven passion for adventure, travel, and visual communication, Calvin is on a journey to inspire the global Deaf community to travel the world. Through Seek the World, Calvin creates jaw-dropping videos, vibrant photographs, and bridges the communication divide between our colourful Deaf community – his aim is to inspire, educate, and break down barriers!

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