Deaf News: Mystery as plaque on bench in Welsh town criticises local council’s cuts to Deaf services

Posted on September 29, 2016

Via the North Wales Daily Post:

A plaque has mysteriously appeared on a bench opposite Conwy Castle highlighting the cuts Conwy Council has made to the North Wales Deaf Association.

Last month Conwy Council withdrew £50,000 funding from NWDA which means the local deaf community can no longer have access to a dedicated member of staff to help them with phone calls, booking hospital appointments, help with form filling, or problems with a landlord or any of the many other issues where a hearing person can pick up a phone.

NWDA were informed by Conwy Council of the cuts on July 29, which came into immediate effect on August 1.

It is not known who installed the plaque that appeared yesterday and has the inscription: “This bench has been allocated to the Deaf community.

“Due to funding cuts, this is the only help they will be receiving from Conwy Council for the foreseeable future.”

The bench was placed in Conwy in memorium of John Evans some years ago. The NWDA says they have no idea who has placed the plaque. It’s appearance has caused a storm on social media, with people saying Conwy Council should immediately give back the funding to the association.

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