Deaf News: Group responsible for plaque criticising Welsh council for Deaf cuts tell us why

Posted on October 10, 2016

We reported last week about the mystery of the plaque on a bench in a Welsh town criticising the local council for cuts to services for Deaf people.

Now, we have received an email from the group responsible, who are called The Brass Monkey Club, who have put other plaques up light heartedly “raising attention to local issues.”

The group have confirmed that they have a Deaf member “in their ranks.”

They said:

The plaque was placed by The Brass Monkey Club to bring the removal of funding for the Deaf community to a wider audience. Conwy Council have imposed these cuts on a group of people who, due to their disability, ironically, struggle to make their voices heard.

The Brass Monkeys support the Deaf Community in the fight to reinstate access to fully trained and professional sign language interpreters and call on Conwy Council to recognise that decisions which affect people’s quality of life should not be made for purely financial reasons.

We are pleased our small plaque has helped focus the spotlight on the important fight for people’s independence. As one of our other plaques says “Never underestimate the ability of misbehaviour to change the world. It’s the only thing that ever has, just ask Rosa Parks.”

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