Becca Hume: Why I develpped a 999 app that could save your life

Posted on October 26, 2016

You hope you wouldn’t need 999, but if you were in an emergency situation you trust you could get help with one simple phone call.

But how accessible is 999 for Deaf or hard of hearing people or those with speech impediments? …… Not very!

Currently we can either telephone or text 999, however both proves to be difficult and have limitations for many.

That’s why I developed E+press, which is a non-verbal app for contacting emergency services at the touch of a button.

Watch Becca’s BSL video below:

Our app is for anyone to use, however it will bring significant ease of use for Deaf, hard of hearing, vulnerable people, those with breathing problems, or even those in a violent situation who need to contact 999 without using their voice.

We currently rely on 999, a system that began in 1937. As technology develops around us, so should products and services.

Isn’t it amazing how we can now order food, taxies and book appointments through smartphone apps. We should be able to use our smartphones to easily access emergency help when required. E+press is working to do just that!

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