Wendy Anderson: Deaf people need to understand what depression and anxiety are like (BSL)

Posted on November 1, 2016

The World Health Organisation envisage that 4-10% of people will experience mental health issues in their lifetime. Many deaf people are affected but they face difficulties accessing support services – especially at night and weekends.  Who would you turn to?

The Samaritans can offer support – they do have a text mobile number but they do not release this unless you ask them for this information. That’s ok but not when you are in times of distress.

Many deaf people tell me they are used to living with the way that they feel – society’s long-standing barriers have meant for some of us we put up with it, even though we are distressed and unhappy – not clear that there could be another way.

Yet, the ‘another way’ gives rise to fear of labelling, misunderstanding, sectioning – so I made this video for World Mental Health Day last month to raise awareness of what exactly depression and anxiety can look like and it can happen to all of us and not something to be ashamed of.

Watch the video below or directly on Facebook here.

Wendy Anderson is Deaf from a Deaf family and attended mainstream school.  She found her Deaf Identity when she was 26 and has worked as an In-Vision translator for both HTV west and BBC Broadcast.  She has a first Class Degree in Social Work Practice and worked as a Social Worker with Sensory Children and Families Team, one of the few Sensory Children and Families Teams in the UK. She set up Deaf Independent due to the shortage of workers skilled and specialist in their area of expertise other than deafness and BSL. Her motto is ‘inclusivity and fairness for all.’

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