ASLI: Watch our video explaining the route to becoming a sign language interpreter

Posted on November 2, 2016

  • Learning BSL? Do you ever get asked to interpret?
  • Not learning BSL yet, but thinking about a career in sign language interpreting and not sure how to train?
  • Are you a tutor teaching BSL language to students that have questions about training to be an interpreter?
  • Are you a provider of interpreters? Do you know who is and who isn’t an interpreter?
  • Are you a user of interpreters? Are registered interpreters always provided?

ASLI Future Professionals Working Group has teamed up with BSL Bridge to bring you this handy little video that explains the route to interpreting registration and how to spot who is and who isn’t an interpreter.

ASLI receives lots of emails asking how to train to be an interpreter, so they have made this video to clarify the level of BSL skills and training necessary to work as a sign language interpreter. The video was launched on ASLI’s social media channels during their conference on Saturday 1st October.

So far, the video has had over 1000 views on ASLI’s YouTube channel, but there are more BSL learners, tutors and providers out there that would really benefit from knowing the contents of the video. Lots of people use the services of interpreters and their access to services and information can be greatly improved by observing correct provision.

The Route to Registration video is the first in a series of videos being made by ASLI’s Future Professionals Working Group with BSL Bridge, so keep an eye out for these and in the meantime, share this video!

Watch the video below, or directly on YouTube:


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