Watch: Robert Hunter’s City Disabilities talk about the talents disabled people bring to the work place

Posted on November 28, 2016

This video of a 4-minute talk from Robert Hunter from City Disabilities (see his previous posts for us here) has the potential to give Deaf and disabled people a way of approaching work with a more positive perspective on what they can offer. It’s subtitled and it can be seen below.

He says:

City Disabilities spends a great deal of time trying to encourage disabled students and young professionals to seek out leadership roles. We try to convince them, and we believe, that the experience of being disabled is one from which they learn particular and unusual skills; skills that are extremely valuable in the workplace.

A short four minute talk on this topic called “Desirable Disadvantages” is linked below. We are hoping to encourage employers, student networks, charities and universities to share this talk via their internal networks and social media, so that we can reach as many people with disabilities as possible.

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