Watch: Deaf Independent video about Education Health and Care plans for Deaf children (BSL)

Posted on November 29, 2016

There is an English transcript below this video (scroll down to see it!)


Hello and welcome to the second part. What topic are we talking about this month in November? “EHCP”

The Limping Chicken’s blog website has a new piece posted by a mother with a deaf child. She signs about her experiences with an Education Health and Care plan . It’s a really interesting piece to watch and read. I have also written about EHCP in the BDN November 2016 magazine – I will show you – the November 2016 BDN magazine.

So, have a flick through to page number…you’ll see on page 28 that it talks about Social Workers and deaf children. We have been campaigning and raising awareness. If you have a deaf child, a child with additional needs, deafblind or blind children, you can contact Deaf Independent because we are a team of qualified Social Workers. This means that we can represent you in your EHCP meeting. We can represent your client or your child.

Jane Russell, who posted on Limping Chicken on 15th November, was right. It’s important to get the views of the parents and the same should be true for the deaf child- talking with them and receiving their view is just as important!

Deaf Independent is expanding rapidly and we are being approached by many people. They are contacting us because they want qualified Deaf Social Workers to go and make assessments to contribute to their Child’s EHCP plan from a social care perspective. This includes things like emotional wellbeing, social identity and social development, as part of the new EHCP from the Children and Families Act 2014. So thank you Jane for bringing up this issue and announcing it to all of us.

If you want to know more information, or want your child to have an assessment, then please contact us at Deaf Independent ( ). Great! Have a look at our website to read more information about what we offer for the EHCP. It’s important to spread the word to parents and let them know that children can have their views relayed and be represented by specialist Deaf Social Workers, as part of their EHCP. Okay, thank you!

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