Poem: Colin Thomson signs his poem Happy Christmas (Don’t Talk Over) (BSL)

Posted on December 22, 2016

Below we see Colin Thomson signing a Christmas poem, which can also be read in English further down the page.

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So this is Christmas
What have you done
Bought all your presents?
Your banks overrun

So happy Christmas
I hope you have fun
Stock up on batteries
For old and for young

Sitting at table
Chatting away
Me I’m not able
To understand what they say

Watch the tv now
While they’re having fun
Loads of repeats
No I don’t mean my bum

So Merry Christmas
Happy new year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Communicate clear

So please remember
It’s my Christmas too
I want to feel part of
The family with you

So merry merry Chrimas
Put a smile on my face
No I don’t mean the presents
Just communicate

Not asking for  tell you laters
Or achieve level three
All I’m asking
Communicate with me

Let’s make this Christmas special for deaf children adults everywhere

Colin Thomson December 2014

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