Adhiti Prashar: A cochlear implant is not a miracle cure for deaf people

Posted on March 5, 2017

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Adhiti Prashar orignally wrote this blog as a post on her Facebook page, and has shared it here with us:

Yes, it’s amazing I can hear you all now, way better than what I could two years ago, as my recent annual review has shown. I don’t regret being implanted – it’s given me my life back – almost. But sometimes I will still struggle.

I am not bilaterally implanted – I only have one bionic ear. Hearing when there’s a lot of background noise going on is hard. Going out to dinner in restaurants is also hard cos there is so much noise. Directional sounds are also harder.

When people speak with their mouth covered that’s also hard because as far as I’m concerned it sounds like you are mumbling so that isn’t really clear anyway. – a hearing person could probably not understand mumbling.

When someone speaks to me in a low tone voice that’s even difficult because low tone voices are still hard for me to hear. So, people please – don’t be going to me ” is your cochlear implant on?” when i haven’t heard you, because it hurts.

I am forever on this hearing journey and so far it’s been good – and it would be even better without the negativity.

So if I could get a bit of support from you all instead of negative thoughts that would be amazing – rant over! Had to get that out as its something I’ve had bottled up for the last month.

Adhiti was born deaf with one ear and was implanted with a Cochlear N6 two years ago as the hearing she had left was progressively deteriorating. You can follow her as @ad_1980 on Twitter.

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