Hannah Fountain: Attending large events as a deaf person

Posted on April 19, 2017


So last week I travelled up to Birmingham for the photography show, it’s a huge trade show where you can learn new techniques and have a look at new equipment.

For me I was looking for some good deals on equipment such as a roller bag. While I was at the NEC I decided to head into the Comic Con, for those who don’t know me I love science fiction and comics.

I was really excited to get into Birmingham but a couple of days before it suddenly hit me, how am I going to communicate with people around me?

I had booked in to have a photograph with Billie Piper (Rose Tyler from Doctor Who) and I started to panic how am I going to hear the photographer, what am I going to say to Billie, do I talk orally or do I sign?

All these questions were flying round my mind making me more and more nervous. I had to take a deep breath to calm myself down before I remembered a conversation I had with my sign language teacher.

He told me to always carry around a note book and pen so that when communication becomes challenging I can give them the notebook and they can write down what they want to tell me. He also told me to email the organisers and ask if they can help me.

So that’s what I did I walked around with my note book and a couple of days previously I emailed the organisers asking what help they can give me. I didn’t worry so much with the photography show as my brother who is hearing came with me but unlike me he hates all things comic and sci-fi related so I was on my own in the comic con.

I managed to go to comic con and the photography show, there were some good points and some bad. I got very frustrated with not being able to hear people talking to me in both conventions but I did get to meet Billie Piper, I even signed to her a little!

I feel proud of myself for going and staying, as I said before I hate crowds but I put my fear aside and did something that I really wanted to do. I even took pictures of the different cos-players!

If you are interested in sci fi/ comics or photography I do recommend visiting the photography show and MCM Comic Con, for more information visit their sites here: http://www.mcmcomiccon.com/  and https://www.photographyshow.com/.

Hannah says: “Hi my name is Hannah, I’m a freelance sports photographer based in Clacton on sea Essex. I have recently lost my hearing which has been a big blow, not only for me but also for my career as a portraiture/ wedding photographer. I fell in love with sports photography by accident when I was invited to photograph my local rugby club, after that I was hooked and started to work towards a new dream in photographing the Olympic games. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or take a look at my website www.hrfphotography.co.uk.”

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