Deaf News: Awards for two Brits at the Clin d’Oeil festival in France

Posted on July 13, 2017


The Clin d’Oeil Festival 2017 took place from 6-9 July in Reims, France. It was the 8th edition of the festival, which focuses on Deaf visual arts with an international outlook.

Around 13,700 people attended the Festival over 4 days, including:

• 583 members of Festival “staff” (including artists, volunteers, the CinéSourds organising team, interpreters, sponsors, VIP guests, catering staff, drivers, security guards),
• 234 people who had a stand at the exhibition,
• 179 children (who had their own “Mini Clin d’Oeil” programme), and
• 72 members of the media.

Star performers included: John Maucere (SuperDeafy), Deafies in Drag, Signmark, Nico Di Marco (DJ/VJ and twin brother of Nyle Di Marco), Sean Forbes, Beethoven’s Nightmare, and Miss Deaf International 2016 Iwona Cichosz.

Winners of the Clin d’Oeil Film Awards 2017 included two Brits! They were:

• Best Director: Elsa G. Björnsdóttir (Iceland)
• Best Film: ‘Kari’ by Elsa G. Björnsdóttir (Iceland)
• Best Youth Film: ‘SSL’ by Heathlands School (UK)
• Best Actress: Jean Saint Clair for ‘Signs of an Affair’ (UK)
• Best Actor: Remus Illisie for ‘The Moving Light’ (Romania)
• Best Animation: ‘The 7th Refugee’ by Christopher Buhr (Germany)

On the jury for the Film Awards this year:

• Nikki Stratton (UK), Co-Founder of Zebra Uno and Deaffest
• Véronique Berthonneau (France), journalist, author and documentary film-maker
• Louis Neethling (UK), film and series director, founder of Mutt & Jeff Pictures
• Pierre-Louis Levacher (France), LSF interpreter, film and documentary director

Congratulations to everyone involved!

With thanks to Lauren Harris.

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