Google homepage celebrates first school for deaf children and BSL

Posted on September 6, 2017

Today, in a move that marks back to school week, Google has transformed its homepage to celebrate BSL and the first ever school for deaf children in the UK, opened by Thomas Braidwood in 1760.

They’ve also released a video teaching the BSL alphabet which you can see below:

The Braidwood Academy, in Edinburgh, was famed for using its own method of teaching children with hearing loss, by combining a system of sign language, lip reading and the study of articulating.

Braidwood particularly focused on the use of natural gestures to help emphasise the meaning of words.

And just like many Brits have accents, depending on where they reside in the UK, BSL also has many regional dialects and its own slang terms.

Google consulted with national charity Action on Hearing Loss to create the video. The charity are asking people to spell their name in BSL and share it with them on Twitter at their account: @actiononhearing

Paul Breckell, chief executive of Action On Hearing Loss said: “It’s wonderful to have British Sign Language featured in the world’s most popular search engine. As a charity we are always happy to support the work that promotes better awareness of hearing loss, and highlights the history and culture of BSL.”

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