Deaf News: Sign language TV programmes in Denmark under threat

Posted on September 7, 2017

Sign language TV programmes in Denmark have been placed under threat after the government launched a new budget proposal, according to a press release sent to Limping Chicken.

Now Deaf people in Denmark are looking for the support of Deaf people worldwide, with a petition being launched which you can sign. (find the petition here), aiming to save Døvefilm, the self-governing organisation making the programmes, which has been funded since 1963.

They have already received support from Kerena Marchant, Head of Content at the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust. She said:

“Deaf viewers in Denmark are part of a linguistic and cultural minority, whose first language is Danish Sign Language. They have a right to access television programmes presented in their language. Many cannot read written Danish in subtitles. Sign language is their only access to TV.   To terminate Dovefilm and its valuable provision will deprive this linguistic and cultural minority of access to television.”

The press release says:

Television in Danish sign language must be deleted, according to the Danish government.

In the budget proposal for 2018 from the Danish government, the television production company, Døvefilm, will be completely deleted – and without any notice. If the proposal stands through the parliament, the deaf people in Denmark will be losing the only offer available in their mother tongue.

The Finance Act determines how Denmark will spend its money – in total, approximately DKK 700 billion (about 94 billion Euros).

Døvefilm, a self-governing institution, has received money from the Finance Act since the year 1963. Since 2004, the amount has been the same – DKK 7.2 million (less than 970,000 Euros). The Danish right wing government has an ambition to give the Danes tax cuts, and deaf viewers will then help financing that.

The Danish Deaf Association is outraged, and have now begun the struggle to get television in Danish Sign Language back on the Finance Act.

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