Deafblind woman has guide dog wrongly quarantined at Heathrow airport border control

Posted on September 8, 2017

Deafblind blogger and campaigner Molly Watt has written a blog about having her guide dog wrongly quarantined at Heathrow airport, which led to her being without her dog for 48 hours.

In a detailed post, she explains how she had travelled without incident previously, only to have a distressing experience with airport border control staff on her arrival at Heathrow from a trip to Berlin, which led to her dog Isabella being taken away from her for 48 hours when it was wrongly thought she needed tapeworm medication.

She said:

I was distraught, hurt and most of all disappointed that there was no urgency put on the fact I have a Guidedog for a reason and as importantly Isabella is only 20 months old and we are a newly qualified partnership.  I was so worried about possible separation issues and the thought that the hard work put into the training of her and she and I might be destroyed if she felt as distressed as I with strange people in strange surroundings.

Her story has now been covered by the Mirror (read it here).

Read Molly’s blog here:


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