Check out: Cath Smith’s Our School Signs book, just in time for the new school year

Posted on September 12, 2017

Just in time for the new school year, a new illustrated book has been released which isfull of all the signs that can be used to support Deaf pupils’ education, both in primary and secondary schools.

Cath Smith’s Our School Signs book (which is available on Amazon Prime) features illustrations of the signs needed for day to day interactions in schools, covering different subjects, behaviour and vocabulary.

It includes handshapes, the fingerspelling alphabet, days of the week, months, numbers and 300 illustrated signs with written descriptions. There is also useful information on subjects such as the difference between BSL and SSE (Sign Supported English) and many other areas.

It has already received a glowing review from some parents at the school our Editor Charlie Swinbourne’s children go to. They said their son’s face lit up when they showed him signs such as ‘FaceTime’ – and are planning to use the book to help them sign more with their son at home. (See the sign for Facetime on the left!)

The book can be bought onAmazon Prime or Cath Smith offers discounts on bulk orders, just email her at

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