Opportunity: Appear in new episodes of the Found documentaries

Posted on October 26, 2017

Two new episodes of the Found documentaries are being planned, and the makers are looking for contributors!

The Found documentaries (which are directed by this site’s editor, Charlie Swinbourne), tell Deaf people’s stories of how they discovered the Deaf world for the first time.

Three episodes have previously been made – Found, Found in the UK and Found in Love, each shown on the BSL Zone and funded by British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust.

The team are looking for Deaf people who found the Deaf world at their local Deaf club, or by joining a Deaf sport.

If you are interested, email charlie@eyewitnessmedia.co.uk.

Watch Charlie’s signed video with subtitles below (or watch it directly on Facebook here).

The new episodes will be produced by Wellington Films and Eyewitness Media.


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