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Posted on November 7, 2017

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How do you get on when you go along to meetings and events? Can you follow what people are saying? Can you enjoy chatting with others? Are the noise levels comfortable?

Please contribute to this (reasonably) short questionnaire so conclusions can be drawn about the nature of any difficulties and how widespread they are.

The findings will be shared widely to help promote better practice where this is shown to be needed.

The data is being gathered by Ideas for Ears, the Scotland-based social enterprise run by people with hearing loss.

Sally Shaw, director of Ideas for Ears, explains:

“We want to find out what sorts of experiences people are having when they go along to meetings and events. We’re interested in all types of situations, including team briefings, training workshops, conferences, social gatherings, coffee mornings, lunch groups and so on.

“Are things great? Terrible? Variable?

“We want to discover the extent to which people’s hearing and communication needs are being taken into consideration. We suspect things are far from perfect but the questionnaire results will tell us more.”

People with any degree of hearing or deafness are encouraged to complete the questionnaire.

Respondents can enter a prize draw to win £100 in Amazon Vouchers by completing the questionnaire by midnight, 30 November 2017.

Here is the link to the questionnaire again:

Ideas for Ears recently looked at how easily people can make and receive phone calls and found compelling evidence to support the need for new solutions. Findings from that exercise are now being used to influence the telecoms sector.

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