Poem: Colin Thomson’s ‘The Sound of Tinnitus’

Posted on November 13, 2017

The sound of tinnitus

Went to a funeral was feeling ok
Then had a visitor who wouldn’t go away
Stays in my mind  playing silly games
Makes my head explode
Trying to refocus yes that’s my goal

Playing different sounds
When there’s no one around
Where’s the volume control
It’s not good for my soul

The screws are turning in my head
Not really sure how or why
Is there a solution apart from bed
Not again I see you sigh

Tinnitus please go away I didn’t invite you in
My friends wonder why I’ve gone away
And think what is wrong with him

I only wish I could explain
It’s not easy though I try
It’s sometimes stops then starts again
Leaving me feeling exhausted and want to cry

So my friends I hope you understand
Something which I can’t control
It gets louder like a fan
Blowing noises now  you know

Tinnitus the silent sound
No else can hear its beat
Yes it often gets me down
And yes it gets in the way
So if you find I’m not around
Then you know I’m not ok

So treat me kindly is all I ask
I’ll live to see another day

Colin Thomson Nov 2017

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