Deaf News: Deaf woman takes legal action against Little Mix promoter for lack of interpreter

Posted on January 24, 2018

A Deaf woman is taking legal action against the promoters of the girl band Little Mix because of the lack of an interpreter for part of a concert.

Sally Reynolds bought tickets for the concert with her daughter, and then requested a sign language interpreter. Although the promoters eventually provided an interpreter, it was only for part of the concert.

The legal action may force change in the live events industry, which has been seen by many Deaf people to behind other sectors (such as theatres) in providing access.

Reynolds appeared on BBC News and Victoria Derbyshire’s show this morning. A BBC news article also reported:

However, the concert had started with two supporting acts and the interpreter had not been booked to cover them.

“I felt that we were really part of the Little Mix experience,” said Sally, “but because it was so good I realised that we had missed out on the first two acts.

“So it was very much a disparity of experience compared with everyone else.

“We only got access to the last act. If you went to a film can you imagine only getting access to the last 20 minutes?

“We had paid for our tickets like everyone else.”

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