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Lidia Best: With cinema subtitles, mine is a tale of two countries

December 21, 2017


Recently, a new petition to improve access to cinemas for deaf and hard of hearing people in UK was set […]

Dean Wales: Do hearing people really dislike cinema subtitles? Fill in my survey to find out

February 3, 2017


Fill in Dean’s survey on cinema subtitles here. I have a lot to thank my deaf friends and colleagues for. […]

Vue cinema in Reading allegedly REMOVED subtitles from deaf-accessible Star Wars screening because it “has been popular”

December 22, 2017


Earlier this week, we reported on a failed subtitled screening of Star Wars at an Odeon cinema in Brighton, which […]

Bryony Parkes: An open letter to the hearing man who complained about subtitles at the cinema

February 4, 2017


At weekends, we post some of our most popular blogs. Tell us your favourites by emailing I imagine you’ve […]

Bryony Parkes: An open letter to the hearing man who complained about subtitles at the cinema

January 10, 2017


I imagine you’ve forgotten about the woman who approached you just before Christmas, when you went to the cinema to […]

Meet Catherine Hetherington, who is campaigning for more subtitles in cinemas

December 6, 2016


Catherine Hetherington, who is hearing and has Deaf parents, has recently started campaigning for better cinema subtitles, setting up her […]

Jen Dodds: Cinemas need to listen – it shouldn’t be this hard to book a ticket for Star Wars with subtitles (BSL)

February 1, 2016


As I’m sure everyone knows, the new Star Wars film hit cinemas everywhere just before Christmas. As my son really […]

Richard Turner: What would Nelson Mandela have thought about the lack of subtitles at the cinema?

January 6, 2014


I really wanted to go and see the new film about Nelson Mandela called ‘Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ […]

Sign our petition for multiplex cinemas to dedicate one screen to subtitled films

December 19, 2017


Following the uproar over Odeon Cinemas removing the subtitles from a deaf-accessible screening after complaints from hearing people in the […]

Charlie Swinbourne: 5 ways cinemas could give deaf people a better deal

December 19, 2017


After posting this article, Charlie started a petition to try and make point 1, multiplexes dedicating one screen to subtitled […]