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Deaf Dad
Column by a deaf stay-at-home dad.
Flindy Dondy and Tinky Tonky

Strand ‘deafining’ some common deaf words and phrases.
Playing the deaf card

Hero Deaf Pets
Tongue-in-cheek look at the amazing achievements of ‘hard of human’ (!) deaf pets. Highlights:
Deaf cat survives 19 storey fall, deaf dog learns sign language! 26th March 2012

We meet remarkable deaf individuals, and find out what they’re doing next. Including:
Billy Read (dancer) Janeene Streather (Derby 3D Drama), Jill Hipson (consumer), Maria Zedda (disability trainer) Linda Day & Tessa Padden (creators of Signworld) Phillippa Merricks (Deaf traveller/leader) Ricky Boleto (CBBC Newsround presenter) Simeon Hart (Green Party candidate) Richard Scarlett (Health Care Assistant)

Deaf News
Open letter in The Times challenges telecoms firms to act
First deaf MP, Lord Ashley of Stoke, has died
Theatre company calls deaf patron a “deaf bugger”
Shocking video shows deaf man being ejected from Canadian courthouse

Conversations and scenes ‘overseen’ by lipreading deafies.
A couple breaking up – 29th February 2012

Poems written by Deaf poets about Deaf identity
Identity, by Martyn Brown

Deaf art, film, photography and theatre.
TV: Rita Simons – My daughter, deafness and me

The Secret Deafie
Anonymous columns written by various contributors.
Losing sight, gaining insight -
The day I found myself on the hearing man’s side

Subtitle fail
Strand featuring live subtitling mistakes.
Divine intervention on the football pitch as God comes off the bench to help Bolton Wanderers score
Olympic swimmer’s surprising childhood
Jeremy Hunt supports the “murders”

Our strand highlighting interesting, dramatic or funny films on the web. Highlights:
Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman signing in Paul McCartney’s ‘My Valentine’ video

Music video by Spring Offensive featuring sign language: arty, offensive, or just plain daft? – 26th March 2012
Obama signs “thank you” to deaf student – 23rd March 2012
The deaf silent film that got there before The Artist – 27th February, 2012
The Fastest Hands in the West – 24th February 2012

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