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Andy Palmer: The story of a Deaf man in hospital at Christmas showed me how the NHS continues to fail Deaf patients

January 18, 2016


The NHS continues to fail its deaf patients, I discovered this Christmas as I learned first-hand of a patient who had to undergo invasive medical procedures without knowing what was going to happen, let alone giving consent. The real names of the people involved in this story, at their request, will be kept confidential and […]

The Question: Should deaf clubs be a social sanctuary or a learner’s study period?

January 16, 2016


At weekends, we publish some of our most popular posts, which you may not have seen yet. Tell us your favourites by emailing Learning sign language is something basically everyone I have ever met says they want to do. Learning a few signs is fun and memorable. Some people I bump into remind me […]

Andy Palmer: BBC Alba’s The Switch On tells cochlear implant stories you don’t see in viral clips

January 8, 2016


“It took weeks for Kris to even look and say ‘I heard that,” says a mother of a deaf boy as she sits in the kitchen having a cuppa. She’s cautioning another mum of a deaf boy not to expect miraculous results when her child gets his cochlear implant turned on. Miraculous results like those gone […]

Chicken Chat: Meet Deaf footballer Daniel Hogan

October 23, 2015


The Chicken has left his laptop on and given you the opportunity for sneaky peek into his messages. Top of the inbox is Deaf Footballer Daniel Hogan. Hogan is one of the most decorated athletes in deaf football. He’s amassed a collection of honours including 11 domestic honours as well as winning the FA Futsal […]

Chicken Chat: Sophie Stone tells the Chicken about her starring role in Dr Who

October 9, 2015


The Chicken has been chatting late at night with Sophie Stone, who plays Cass in the recent episode of Doctor Who. Sophie has had an impressive career already but being on Doctor Who cause a tidal wave of interest in deaf stars on screen. Sophie Stone Hey Chicken, I’m ready for your questions. The Chicken […]

Andy Palmer: Can we really crack the deaf health problem?

July 27, 2015


The June sun blazed outside the busy meeting room where I was holding Peterborough’s first ever deaf health forum. Inside, Peterborough’s deaf people had the opportunity to tell it like it is to NHS executives Sue Last and Ian Weller. Person after person rose to their feet to talk about their experiences. For two hours, […]

Deaf News: Sky TV say they’ll substantially increase on-demand subtitles by 2016

July 10, 2015


Sky has shared plans with charity Action on Hearing Loss, outlining its commitment to ensure its on-demand platform can show substantially more subtitles by summer 2016, a move that promises to make its service more accessible to the one in six people in the UK who have some kind of hearing loss. Currently, little of […]