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Chicken Chat: Meet Deaf footballer Daniel Hogan

October 23, 2015


The Chicken has left his laptop on and given you the opportunity for sneaky peek into his messages. Top of the inbox is Deaf Footballer Daniel Hogan. Hogan is one of the most decorated athletes in deaf football. He’s amassed a collection of honours including 11 domestic honours as well as winning the FA Futsal […]

Chicken Chat: Sophie Stone tells the Chicken about her starring role in Dr Who

October 9, 2015


The Chicken has been chatting late at night with Sophie Stone, who plays Cass in the recent episode of Doctor Who. Sophie has had an impressive career already but being on Doctor Who cause a tidal wave of interest in deaf stars on screen. Sophie Stone Hey Chicken, I’m ready for your questions. The Chicken […]

Andy Palmer: Can we really crack the deaf health problem?

July 27, 2015


The June sun blazed outside the busy meeting room where I was holding Peterborough’s first ever deaf health forum. Inside, Peterborough’s deaf people had the opportunity to tell it like it is to NHS executives Sue Last and Ian Weller. Person after person rose to their feet to talk about their experiences. For two hours, […]

Deaf News: Sky TV say they’ll substantially increase on-demand subtitles by 2016

July 10, 2015


Sky has shared plans with charity Action on Hearing Loss, outlining its commitment to ensure its on-demand platform can show substantially more subtitles by summer 2016, a move that promises to make its service more accessible to the one in six people in the UK who have some kind of hearing loss. Currently, little of […]

Deaf News: Subtitles bill tabled and MP support grows but debate unlikely

June 25, 2015


Yesterday. Labour MP Lilian Greenwood submited a new Private Members Bill to the House of Commons, backing a national campaign by Action on Hearing Loss to ensure the millions of people who rely on subtitles can equally access on demand television and film through new media services. The Communications Act 2003 amendment, which seeks to […]

Andy Palmer: How Deezer captions music on demand for beat-loving deaf people (PLUS reader offer!)

June 22, 2015


If you’re one of those deaf people who enjoy a bit of music but struggle to hear the words clearly, music streaming app Deezer could be the answer you’ve been looking for. The Deezer app for smartphones now includes lyrics for a huge number of songs and could be the antidote for misheard lyrics or […]

Andy Palmer: Great Britain’s Deaf footballers deserve our admiration

June 12, 2015


A line of six-year-old footballers sat on the side of the lush-green Letchworth Eagles pitch on a sunny early summer’s day. Their parents clutching camera phones; watching and waiting patiently. They were waiting to have their picture taken with Great Britain’s deaf football squad who were practicing corners in preparation for the European Championships that […]