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Deaf News: Leaders of campaign to stop changes to Access to Work reveal their true identities

October 2, 2014


The leaders of the grass-roots campaign against changes to Access to Work for deaf workers have revealed their true identities. The campaign and petition was set up by Emily Smith, a pseudonym, and the campaign established a petition that went on to amass almost 6000 signatures. After starting their campaign, a petition was set up in late 2013 and then […]

UKCOD’s Jim Edwards explains their aim to find a ‘common purpose’ for deaf organisations

September 23, 2014


The Chairman of UKCOD, the umbrella body for deaf organisations in the UK has said that a lack of progress by deaf organisations compared with organisations representing other groups is the motivation behind an aim to develop a ‘common purpose’ for the sector. Jim Edwards faced criticism from some deaf people over the plans when they were revealed […]

Andy Palmer: Forget the ice bucket challenge. Do the Tea Bag Challenge for the NDCS!

September 11, 2014


Forget the Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s SO yesterday. Things have moved on with a brand new challenge that anyone can try, while keeping dry and avoiding neck injuries. Yes, instead of pouring ice cold water over yourself, why not simply throw a tea bag into some hot water? I am, of course, talking about the Tea Bag […]

Andy Palmer: 7 speech development tips for children with cochlear implants

September 3, 2014


Going through boxes of dusty old stuff at the weekend I rediscovered a home-made game that I made to help my deaf son learn how to hear with his cochlear implant. It was something I called the ‘Ling Machine.’ The Ling Sounds are just noises that cover the spectrum of speech, from a low ‘mmm’ […]

Deaf News: NHS consulting on new communication rules for deaf patients

August 15, 2014


NHS England have revealed this week that they are consulting on a range of measures to firstly take account of patient’s communication needs and then take steps to provide information to patients in the most appropriate way. If adopted, the ‘Accessible Information Standard’ will mean hospitals and GPs must provide communication support like sign language interpreters […]

The 7 biggest risks to your child’s cochlear implant processor

July 24, 2014


They’re fiddly, they’re amazing and they’re expensive. I can think of no other situation when any sane parent would hang £14,000 of delicate equipment off their children’s ears. But if your child has cochlear implants, that’s what you have to do everyday. Here in Blighty we don’t have to pay big bucks to buy them, […]

Andy Palmer: GPs should have access to video interpreting or STTR on the road. As standard

July 22, 2014


I confess, I’ve done it. I did it more than once and I wouldn’t have had it any other way at the time. In the same circumstances I would do it again. To what am I confessing? Interpreting for my deaf family in medical situations, of course. Some people say that the reason why sign […]