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Deaf News: Deaf teenager wins prestigious award then donates £500 prize to deaf kids charity

April 17, 2014


A deaf teenager from The Wirral has won a prestigious award for her work in raising awareness and campaigning for deaf children and then donated her £500 to charity. Bethany Eason, aged 16 and a cochlear implant user, was nominated by her Head Teacher for the Rotary Club Young Citizen Award because he was impressed […]

“All I want is to be treated like a normal human being” Healthcare for deaf people who don’t use sign language

April 16, 2014


A recent study by charity SignHealth has revealed that sign language users are more likely to suffer from long term health problems than their hearing counterparts, suffer misdiagnosis and have problems understanding their medication. The solutions to these problems involve expanding the use of sign language interpreters; but what of the hundreds of thousands of […]

Deaf News: Halifax bank apologises for asking deaf man to pay £25 for transaction that hearing people could do for free

April 10, 2014


A deaf man from Slough was told by staff at his local branch of Halifax Bank that he would need to pay a £25 admin fee if he wanted staff to resolve a simple banking problem that people who can hear would be able to do for free. Mark Hooper, who uses sign language to […]

Cilla Black has a ‘hearing implant’ fitted but the Mail Online story doesn’t stack up

April 8, 2014


The Mail Online reported yesterday that the entertainer Cilla Black has had a hearing implant insterted into her right ear after she started to go deaf and speculated that the device was probably a cochlear implant. It was reported that Cilla, best known as a singer and presenter of Surprise, Surprise! opted for a cochlear […]

Review: Deaf Improv Comedy

April 3, 2014


It wasn’t until we chatted in the pub afterwards that I really thought about it; having another man sitting close behind you with his fingers in your mouth, pulling your face apart, would be extremely uncomfortable.  Especially if it went on for a while. Matt Gurney, for it was he who was having his face […]

Deaf News: Sir Alan Meale MP says Access to Work problems are just the tip of the iceberg for deaf people

March 21, 2014


Sir Alan Meale, the MP who has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) in the House of Commons to support deaf people in work, has called the government’s changes to the Access to Work scheme ‘misguided’ and the ‘tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to issues facing deaf people. Sir Alan, who is the MP […]

Deaf News: MPs formally back Access to Work campaign after Deaf people converge on Parliament

March 20, 2014


Labour MP Sir Alan Meale has tabled an Early Day Motion asking the government to review its changes to Access to Work support for deaf people. Sir Alan Meale is the MP in Mansfield where John Smith, prominent member of the Deaf community and comedian, lives. He is said to have tabled the motion after […]