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Charlie Swinbourne: 10 things you should never say to a deaf person

November 14, 2015


At weekends, we publish some of our most popular articles, which you might have missed first time round. Let us know your favourites by emailing Hearing people. Want to make friends with a deaf person? Then wise up and don’t say any of these sentences. Us Deafies will never forgive you… “Wow – I […]

Charlie Swinbourne: What the viral Starbucks ASL video really tells us about Deaf access

November 11, 2015


The video showing Rebecca King, a Deaf American woman, being able to complete her order in ASL at a Starbucks drivethrough has gone viral worldwide, being seen more than 6 million times. Starbucks has since said that because the drivethrough, where people can pick up coffee and snacks, is near a school for deaf and […]

Charlie Swinbourne: Last week’s Newsnight report was a reminder that too many Deaf children have been victims of sexual abuse

November 9, 2015


Erika Jones’ report on sex abuse at London’s Woodford school, which was shown on BBC2’s Newsnight last week, made after a year of painstaking research (read her article on it for this site by clicking here) stuck in my mind for days. I’d already seen the report (which was made as a collaboration between Newsnight and See Hear), when it […]

Review: Deafinitely Theatre’s ‘Grounded,’ starring Nadia Nadarajah

October 30, 2015


I’ve seen a lot of Deafinitely Theatre’s work over the years, and until I saw Grounded on Wednesday night, the two highlights for me were their hit version of Love’s Labour’s Lost at The Globe and Tanika’s Journey, both in 2012. I think this new piece, also directed by Paula Garfield, is up there with […]

Meet: Novellist Rosamund Lupton, who features a Deaf character in her new book The Quality of Silence

October 15, 2015


How did your own deafness inspire you when you wrote The Quality of Silence? The character of Ruby, who is ten years old and profoundly deaf, was inspired partly by my own experience of deafness as a child. I developed a vivid interior world, and would choose writing over oral speaking. I started writing stories […]

Video: Take Charlie’s lipreading challenge for Lipreading Awareness Week

September 19, 2015


A few years ago, our Editor Charlie Swinbourne made this Lipreading Challenge video for the BBC’s Ouch disability website. Since it’s Lipreading Awareness Week, how many can you get right? Charlie wrote an article about going to a lipreading class at the same time as making the video, which you can read here. The Limping […]

Charlie Swinbourne: How being able to sign helps you communicate in a foreign language

August 18, 2015


I’ve just returned from a two week holiday by the sea in France. My family enjoyed all the things about France you might expect – the sun, pretty villages, beaches, and food. This was also our first holiday in a non-English speaking country since the children were born, and what struck me was how, when you try […]