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Charlie Swinbourne: As genetic testing develops, will deaf people have to fight for our right to exist?

April 8, 2014


What does the term “child abuse” mean to you? Most people would think immediately of emotional or physical abuse. Sexual abuse. Neglect. What else? Well, how about allowing a deaf baby to be born? This isn’t my question, but one asked aloud in an interview published in Saturday’s Guardian, with scientist Sharon Moalem, who has written […]

“My voice sounds like an alien.” 10 things I think to myself when I get new hearing aids

February 17, 2014


Last week, after having less-than-deal experiences with my local audiology service (read here and here for my blogs on it) I got new hearing aids, and was thrown into an uncertain audiological world. Here are 10 things I found myself thinking as I tried to make sense of the brand new gadgets perched on my […]

Charlie Swinbourne: Even Castro’s ashamed of wearing hearing aids. Why?

February 13, 2014


When I heard (excuse the pun) of the controversy about Fidel Castro’s hearing aid being photoshopped out of official photographs of him meeting other world leaders, I wasn’t surprised. Glasses make people look more intelligent, don’t they? Like you read a lot, like you’ve burned the midnight oil in the library, or stared at a computer screen all your […]

Transcript: BBC London interview the BDA and Charlie Swinbourne about the hospital interpreter story

January 23, 2014


On Sunday, the Guardian reported how Hulusi Bati and his wife Nadia Hasan were asked to use their 12-year-old daughter to interpret during the labour and birth of their new baby and then how no interpreters were provided at crucial times following complications. Limping Chicken Editor and journalist, Charlie Swinbourne’s comment piece in the Guardian […]

Charlie Swinbourne: “I was talking behind your back to test your hearing.” My bizarre second visit to my audiologist

January 7, 2014


Two months ago, I wrote about what I learned from a 15 minute visit to my local NHS audiology clinic. Just before Christmas, I had my second visit. I must admit I didn’t have high expectations, but I didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did.  Again, the audiologist (my heart sank a […]

Watch: Hal Draper’s starring role in the 2003 See Hear drama Grandad!

December 24, 2013


It is almost one year since Deaf actor Hal Draper passed away, so last week was an appropriate time for See Hear to broadcast one of his most fondly-remembered, but little seen roles – in the short film Grandad. Although the film was written by William Mager (who went on to direct a range of […]

Charlie Swinbourne: 10 tips for including deaf people at Christmas!

December 19, 2013


Christmas is a special time of year, but for deaf people, it can also be a tricky time, because we can easily find ourselves spending time around people who are not incredibly deaf aware. I still remember one Christmas when my brother’s deaf friend asked if he could drive over to our house for a […]