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Video: Take Charlie’s lipreading challenge for Lipreading Awareness Week

September 19, 2015


A few years ago, our Editor Charlie Swinbourne made this Lipreading Challenge video for the BBC’s Ouch disability website. Since it’s Lipreading Awareness Week, how many can you get right? Charlie wrote an article about going to a lipreading class at the same time as making the video, which you can read here. The Limping […]

Charlie Swinbourne: How being able to sign helps you communicate in a foreign language

August 18, 2015


I’ve just returned from a two week holiday by the sea in France. My family enjoyed all the things about France you might expect – the sun, pretty villages, beaches, and food. This was also our first holiday in a non-English speaking country since the children were born, and what struck me was how, when you try […]

Charlie Swinbourne: The joy of having my ears syringed

August 15, 2015


At weekends, we publish some of the most popular articles from our archive. Tell us which are your favourite articles by emailing As usual, I’d waited far too long to get my ears cleaned. About a year ago (yes, a whole year), I went to get some new earmolds made, only to be told […]

Charlie Swinbourne: The chance meeting that inspired me to make my documentary Found, about Deaf identity (BSL)

August 1, 2015


At weekends, we publish some of the most popular articles from our archive. Tell us which are your favourite articles by emailing We all have moments in our lives when something happens that – like a fork in the road, sends us on a different path. A day that changed my life was the day […]

Charlie Swinbourne: 6 things to consider before joining a money-making scheme (BSL)

July 24, 2015


Transcript: I’m making this video to encourage people to be careful about joining money-making schemes which are appearing out there, some of which might give people the impression they can get rich quickly. To watch Charlie signing his article, click play below, or scroll down to continue in English! I remember the Heart scheme, [which was […]

“I feel liberated.” Deaf musician Paul Whittaker on depression, sexuality, and leaving charity Music and the Deaf

July 7, 2015


Deaf musician Paul Whittaker is a man with a lot to talk about. He communicates so rapidly and enthusiastically, about a variety of subjects, that it takes him over an hour to start eating the chocolate shortcake he’s ordered in the cafe where we meet. Paul comes across as one of the most self-assured people […]

Watch: Brand-new documentary Found, about Deaf identity, online NOW

June 18, 2015


In the last few minutes, the new documentary Found, produced and directed by Charlie Swinbourne, this site’s Editor, has started being shown on the Community Channel here in the UK. Found tells three Deaf people’s stories of how they found the Deaf world for the first time, and how they went on to develop their […]