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“The best bit was the banter!” Charlie Swinbourne: What it’s like to take a fitness class in BSL with a Deaf instructor

February 11, 2016


About two years ago, I started getting fitter through swimming (check out my blog on why swimming is a great sport for Deaf people), and more recently, by going to the gym. I feel a lot better for it, but the challenge of swimming up and down a pool, or doing a regular programme in […]

Charlie Swinbourne: Could you appear in new episodes of my documentary, Found? (BSL)

February 3, 2016


I hope you can help. Please share this with anyone you think might be suitable! To watch this signed by Charlie, click play below: I’m making two new episodes of Found ( my documentary about how Deaf people found the Deaf world, the Deaf community and sign language! ***Please email if you can help […]

Charlie Swinbourne: The reaction to Wogan and Bowie’s deaths reveals a cultural divide between deaf and hearing people (BSL)

February 2, 2016


I was cycling in the gym on Sunday morning when a face kept appearing on the TV screen. It was Terry Wogan. I still hadn’t quite woken up, and at first, I didn’t think anything of it, but then I looked again, and saw the information on the screen – saying that the TV presenter had […]

Read/Watch: Why Facebook has become so important to the Deaf community, by Charlie Swinbourne for BBC News (BSL)

January 21, 2016


Our Editor, Charlie Swinbourne, has written an article for BBC News about how important Facebook has become to the Deaf community. The article is the first BBC News article to feature a signed translation video, from Heidi Koivisto-Robertson, and also features quotes from Deaf comedian John Smith, Jen Dodds, David Buxton and John David Walker. […]

Charlie Swinbourne: My top 10 subtitled programmes on Netflix UK

January 13, 2016


When on-demand video started, one of the biggest bugbears deaf people had was about programmes and films not being subtitled. The situation, at least as far as Netflix and Amazon Prime are concerned, has improved massively (BBC iPlayer has always been a step ahead) and now it’s rare for me to choose a programme that […]

Charlie Swinbourne: As Deaf schools like Margate close, the building blocks of the Deaf community disappear

January 7, 2016


The sudden closure of Margate Deaf School just before Christmas came as a big shock to not only the school’s community of pupils, parents and staff, but also to the wider Deaf community. Margate was the UK’s oldest Deaf school, with the biggest history. And this closure wasn’t a one-off, but part of a growing […]

The Question: Do deaf people sleep better at night than hearing people?

December 12, 2015


At weekends, we repost some of our most popular articles. Tell us what your favourites are by emailing Do deaf people sleep more peacefully than hearing folk? This question occurred to me when we were buying our house last year. Our house is next to a main road, but since my wife and I […]