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What helps people wear their hearing aids? Research from the Cochrane Collaboration

July 25, 2014


WHY AREN’T YOU WEARING YOUR HEARING AIDS? Sorry for shouting; I know that’s not helpful, actually. I’m wearing mine, but then I can’t hear a thing without them, and if you can then it’s all more complicated. So far from straightforward, in fact, that up to 40% of adults with acquired hearing loss who are […]

Jen Dodds: More deaf people should post signed videos online, no matter how fluent they are (BSL)

July 21, 2014


Scroll down the page to see this article signed by Jen in BSL, or click here! So, I’ve poured water over my head on Facebook, and seen everyone else do it too, coming to the conclusion that we deaf people are really quite bonkers. (I know the water tipping thing was started by a hearing […]

BSL video: Water Aid thank Deaf community for water challenge donations – then soak themselves!

July 18, 2014


Here’s a nice video to end the week. Two members of staff from the charity Water Aid post a video (with subtitles and a BSL interpreter) thanking the Deaf community for all the donations that have poured in from people taking the water challenge. Then they take the challenge themselves. Take a look. Remember, it’s easy […]

Deaf people in Zambia struggle to access HIV information

July 17, 2014


All Africa website has reported on the problems Deaf people have accessing HIV information in Zambia, a country that prides itself on its HIV information services. The article tells the story of Faith, a Deaf woman, and also explains some of the background – with disabled women Zambia “particularly vulnerable to abuse and abandonment since they […]

Deaf News: Deaf man from Derby proves doubters wrong to become a taxi driver

April 11, 2014


A profoundly deaf man has become a successful and popular taxi driver, working for Pride Executive Cars in Derby. It is believed that he may be the first deaf taxi driver in the UK, using specialised software to communicate with the offices and clients, and driving a taxi with notices informing passengers that he is […]

BBC See Hear Producer William Mager says access to healthcare is a burden on deaf people

April 9, 2014


Today’s edition of See Hear, the BBC’s programme for deaf and hard of hearing people, focuses on one of the biggest issues for deaf people today: access to healthcare.  With a seemingly never-ending stream of shocking stories revealing how deaf people are not receiving equal treatment in the NHS; deaf people’s access to healthcare has […]

Watch: The latest cochlear implant switch-on video to go viral

March 28, 2014


News spread online yesterday about a deaf woman, with Usher syndrome, who can be seen crying with joy in an online video when her cochlear implants were activated for the first time. According to Mail Online, Joanne Milne, aged 40, began to lose her hearing as a toddler and in her twenties, also her sight. […]