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Meet: Paul Miller, the Deaf animator who has just created his first play

July 31, 2015


Tell us about your work? My work consists of illustration (children books, storyboard and character design, comic books), short films (animated and live action), graphic design (logo, banner, leaflet, activity book), and theatre directing (Love Café, Gothrella). The animation I am working on at the moment is for Deaf comedian John Smith’s show. It’s a […]

Great Britain’s Deaf Football Team to play at special Arsenal event this Sunday

July 27, 2015


Great Britain’s European deaf bronze medal winning heroes will be playing in Peterborough this weekend at a family football funday with Arsenal Celebrities and football legends. The GB team, which is comprised of some of the world’s best deaf footballers, will be taking on non-league Peterborough Northern Star in a charity day to raise money […]

Andy Palmer: Can we really crack the deaf health problem?

July 27, 2015


The June sun blazed outside the busy meeting room where I was holding Peterborough’s first ever deaf health forum. Inside, Peterborough’s deaf people had the opportunity to tell it like it is to NHS executives Sue Last and Ian Weller. Person after person rose to their feet to talk about their experiences. For two hours, […]

Shari Eberts: Coming Out of My Hearing Loss Closet

July 21, 2015


My father had hearing loss but never discussed it. His mother had hearing loss but pretended she did not. I spent 10 years in denial about my own hearing loss, and then another 10 years hiding it. So how did I become this new person, a hearing health advocate, the Board Chair of Hearing Health […]

“The classroom didn’t give me the fix of science that I needed.” Meet: Deaf social entrepreneur Josh Taylor

July 2, 2015


This interview was organised in association with our supporter, Phonak. Tell us about your interest in science/space – when did that begin? I’ve always been fascinated by the outside world and the way it works. However, learning from a white board inside a classroom wasn’t giving me the fix of science that I needed and […]

Deaf News: Turkish Deaf woman prosecuted for alleged involvement in street protests that left her paralysed

June 30, 2015


A Deaf woman in Turkey is being prosecuted for her alleged involvement in street protests in an incident that left her paralysed. Şehriban Sertkal is being charged with being a member of a terror organisation and being involved in the protests seemlingly on the basis that she is a woman, and no other women were admitted […]

Deaf News: Deaf Australian woman allegedly filmed plotting murder in sign language

June 26, 2015


Extract from The Telegraph: A 19-year-old deaf woman in Australia charged with throwing her boyfriend’s flatmate from a balcony was allegedly filmed on CCTV using sign language to plot the attack, telling her alleged conspirators: “I think a fall is better.” A court in Melbourne heard that Georgia Fields was filmed discussing the plot on […]