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Emily Howlett: Life has its own ice bucket challenges – look after each other this Christmas

December 19, 2014


A few years ago, a friend of mine decided to get married. As part of the celebration of impending nuptials, I was sucked into a large, loud, pink and glittery group of females that descended upon the nearest day spa with glee. Well, I tried very hard for ‘glee’; I reckon I probably topped out […]

Watch: Beautiful BSL version of Silent Night, just in time for Christmas

December 17, 2014


A beautiful signed version of Silent Night has been uploaded to YouTube, featuring BSL from Nadia Nadarajah along with music from Deaf flautist Ruth Montgomery. So, to get into the Christmas spirit, just click play below, then read on to find out more about the creation of the video! Ruth Montgomery wrote on her website: […]

How remote captioning has transformed the careers of two deaf employees

December 11, 2014


Earlier this week, our supporter Ai-Media was mentioned in the House of Lords. Here, two deaf people who use their services write about their lives and careers. To find out more about remote captioning, click here. Nikki Crocker Live captioning has always been something I’ve dreamed of. Despite becoming profoundly deaf at the age of […]

Prof. Graham Turner: The BSL (Scotland) Bill. Let’s *do* this thing! (BSL)

December 5, 2014


For a BSL translation of this article, click play below, or scroll down to read this in English. If you want a better world for BSL users in future, please keep reading. As every reader of Limping Chicken surely knows, a BSL Bill has been proposed in Scotland. If you don’t live in Scotland DO […]

Jen Dodds: Should Access to Work’s treatment of Deaf people be seen as ‘epistemic injustice’? (BSL)

November 7, 2014


I’ve really had enough of Access to Work. My friends seem to be having constant problems with it, and I know that other deaf and disabled people are too. It’s so disturbing how people keep getting badly treated and put down, over and over again. To watch this article in BSL, click play below. Common […]

Tabitha Laksimi: The UK needs BSL as a second language. Here’s why

October 27, 2014


Before the why’s – How? We can make use of those who would be interested from the estimated 70,000 who already know and use BSL, along with those interested in learning it, to develop teachers who can then teach it to primary school children from age 4 until secondary school, by which point they should […]

Hollywood actress to star in tear-jerking UK film about a deaf teenager’s dream

October 5, 2014


A Hollywood star has been cast in the role of a deaf child from London in a short-film due to made later this year. Aryana Engineer, who is from Canada, has starred in two Hollywood films and the opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver and takes the lead role in short-film Dreaming […]