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The Question: Should deaf clubs be a social sanctuary or a learner’s study period?

January 16, 2016


At weekends, we publish some of our most popular posts, which you may not have seen yet. Tell us your favourites by emailing Learning sign language is something basically everyone I have ever met says they want to do. Learning a few signs is fun and memorable. Some people I bump into remind me […]

The Question: Is there such a thing as a ‘Deafdar’ to help spot Deaf people? (BSL)

October 24, 2015


At weekends we publish some of our most popular posts. Let us know your favourites by emailing I don’t know what it is about the Victoria line, but when I lived in London, I kept meeting deaf people on it. This would usually happen between Victoria station and King’s Cross. I would be standing […]

The Question: Can relationships between deaf and hearing people work? (BSL)

February 26, 2015


I grew up in a Deaf family, and since I was young, I’ve met deaf people who are in relationships with other deaf people, and deaf people who are in relationships with hearing people. I’ve seen relationships that work, and don’t work, that stayed together, and sadly (or not so sadly in some cases) broke up. […]

The Question: Is the much-used statistic ’10 million deaf people’ helpful?

September 26, 2014


An often quoted statistic about deafness and hearing loss in the UK is that there are ten million people who have some level of deafness. It’s normally the first piece of information that’s offered to newbies on the subject. The intention of using the statistic is to make people consider that deafness or hearing loss […]

The Question: Should family sign language courses be expanded?

July 16, 2014


If there is one thing that learning sign language is known for, it is being expensive. To become a competent signer can cost many hundreds or thousands of pounds and the result of that is that families of deaf children, arguably those who may need it most, will not be able to afford to learn. […]

The Question: Do deaf people sleep better at night than hearing people?

May 8, 2014


Do deaf people sleep more peacefully than hearing folk? This question occurred to me when we were buying our house last year. Our house is next to a main road, but since my wife and I are deaf, we had no worries over the prospect of being disturbed by traffic noise. We just wouldn’t hear […]

The Question: Should deaf people protest publicly to fight for their rights in 2014?

January 8, 2014


2013 was an interesting year to be a campaigner for deaf interests. Lots happened, but did anything really change? What’s it going to take for politicians and big businesses to sit up and take notice of deaf people? Let’s take a look at what happened in 2013. NDCS were granted a debate in Parliament to talk […]