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1 Charlie Swinbourne: The 10 annoying habits of hearing people
2 Exclusive: ‘Fake’ sign language interpreter mars Nelson Mandela service for Deaf people worldwide
3 Charlie Swinbourne: The 10 annoying habits of deaf people!
4 Charlie Swinbourne: The joy of having my ears syringed
5 Revealed: How a Deaf American woman countered a fellow passenger’s assumptions while on an airplane flight
6 Deaf News: Controversy at Superbowl as Marlee Matlin’s ASL performance of national anthem not shown on TV
7 Charlie Swinbourne: Ten things you should never say to a deaf person
8 How many do you know? 15 amazing deaf sports stars!
9 Ian Noon: The impact of concentration fatigue on deaf children should be factored in
10 John Walker: 10 things deaf children learn at mainstream school
11 Ady Swinbourne: Why I got private hearing aids after 29 years with the NHS
12 Mark Levin: Let’s eradicate the term ‘hearing impaired’
13 Robert Mandara: Programming your own hearing aids – what you need (part 2)
14 Kimberly Brown: 12 tips to help hearing people communicate with deaf people
15 Matt Dixon: Ten essential things to know about being a child of deaf parents
16 Deaf News: Deafness experts in America say deaf children should be bilingual and learn sign language
17 “I had to tell my dad he was going to die, because he wasn’t given a sign language interpreter”
18 Andy Palmer: Ten reasons why you should learn sign language (BSL)
19 Robert Mandara: Programming your own hearing aids, part 1. Why you should do it!
20 Facebook craze for Deaf people emptying water over their heads shows our community’s love of silly fun
21 Donna Williams: S*** people say… to sign language interpreters
22 Meet: Bruno Kahne, who teaches hearing people to communicate like deaf people
23 Professor Graham Turner: 10 lessons from the tale of the ‘fake’ interpreter
24 Teresa Garratty: “Touched for the 31st time” – my top 10 misheard song lyrics!
25 Five recent technological advances that are changing deaf people’s lives
26 Andy Palmer: 6 clips from deaf films that will teach you about deaf people’s lives
27 Bryony Parkes: An open letter to the hearing man who complained about subtitles at the cinema
28 Signs of a sexual nature: Do deaf people wear hearing aids in bed?
29 Deaf News: Deaf community in mourning for actor Vitalis Katakinas
30 Watch: Award-winning short film The Kiss – do deaf people kiss differently?
31 Meriah Nichols: 10 dumb things hearing people commonly say to deaf people – featuring Captain Picard
32 Exclusive: “I should have just kicked her off.” Investigation launched into Train Manager’s alleged angry tirade at Deaf woman
33 “I speak sign language. Not.” The fake interpreter is BACK, and sign language is mocked again in an online advert
34 Deaf News: Deaflympics star killed in Ukraine
35 Charlie Swinbourne: Don’t believe the Deaf community exists? Watch Grayson Perry discover our world on C4 tonight
36 The Question: Do hearing people fake their sneezes? We need to know
37 Charlie Swinbourne: Things that only happen to deaf people
38 Watch: How a deaf blind Brazilian follows the first match of World Cup
39 The Question: Can relationships between deaf and hearing people work? (BSL)
40 Rebekah Rose-Mundy: I will never be a real family member in my hearing family, because they don’t sign
41 Poem: ‘If I told you I was deaf would you turn away’ by Colin Thomson
42 Kelly Dougher: Why I no longer mention being deaf in job interviews
43 Karen Stockton: Not everyone can adjust to digital hearing aids after a lifetime of analogue
44 Charlie Swinbourne: “Did Adnan do it?” How Deaf people can follow Serial, the murder case podcast the world is talking about
45 10 things hearing people should know about deaf people
46 Emily Howlett: 5 differences between hearing people and deaf people who can hear
47 Emily Howlett: 10 dangerous jobs for deaf people!
48 Sarah Ivermee: Why I started Lugs – so that deaf children can decorate their hearing aids and cochlear implants
49 Charlie Swinbourne: 12 tips to ensure deaf people aren’t left out at Christmas!
50 Tara Schupner Congdon: How America’s Next Top Model’s Nyle DiMarco was marginalised on national TV
51 Deaf man enters Big Brother house! Only to have his hearing aid batteries incinerated live on TV
52 Only Deaf person in UK not asked to pour water on his head explains disappointment
53 Charlie Swinbourne: 10 tips for including deaf people at Christmas!
54 Rebecca Atkinson: Top 5 Christmas toys featuring deafness!
55 Tony Barlow: In employment, are deaf people bottom of the pecking order?
56 Deaf news: Shocking video shows deaf man being ejected from Canadian courthouse
57 Watch: Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman signing Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine”
58 Deaf News: Mobile app turns iPhone into a hearing aid!
59 Deaf News: Halifax bank apologises for asking deaf man to pay £25 for transaction that hearing people could do for free
60 Deaf model complains after cochlear implant photoshopped out of Virgin Active advert
61 Jen Dodds: Some agencies treat freelance sign language interpreters as cash cows (BSL)
62 “I didn’t know what would be done.” Deaf actor Matthew Gurney explains how he had an operation without being given an interpreter
63 William Mager: Seeing my son for the first time
64 Deaf News: Deaf Tinkerbelle toy goes viral
65 Deaf News: Deaf teenager launches petition asking Sky On Demand to provide subtitles
66 The 7 biggest risks to your child’s cochlear implant processor
67 Kimberly Brown: The advantages of being a deaf parent to hearing children
68 Elizabeth Engelman: 13 Reasons to sign to your hard of hearing or cochlear implanted child
69 Deaf News: Deaf people and sign language interpreters must work together to save their jobs, says BDA’s David Buxton
70 Robert Mandara: Programming your own hearing aids, part 3. How to do it!
71 Journalist Liz Jones accused of “irresponsible journalism” as deaf charity finds no record of her having an official hearing dog
72 Thumbs up: MobileSign, the FREE British Sign Language app
73 Ian Noon: Who at DWP thought it was OK to propose that deaf people could only make a claim by telephone?
74 Lizzie Ward: What it means to have Musical Ear Syndrome
75 Karen Stockton: Subtitles, my saviour! And how to get them back when they go missing
76 Deaf News: Video shows ‘fake’ interpreter using comical sign for “machine gun” as Jacob Zuma sings ‘Kill the Boer’
77 Matt Dixon: What did my dying dad think of the fact I had to interpret for him in hospital?
78 Deaf cafe set to open in Brighton next week
79 Jenn Hearn: What I wish the hearing world could understand about deaf people
80 Ian Noon: The impact of concentration fatigue on deaf children should be factored in
81 Andy Palmer: BBC Alba’s The Switch On tells cochlear implant stories you don’t see in viral clips
82 Deaf News: Facebook video shows deaf patient confused and anxious in hospital
83 William Mager: Could Google Glass be the Deaf community’s ‘disruptive innovation’?
84 Charlie Swinbourne: Nyle DiMarco’s biggest talent lies in how he’s used his profile to benefit the Deaf community
85 Reema Patel: Growing up deaf in a hearing world
86 The Secret Deafie: Cochlear implants and MRI scans
87 Deaf News: Subtitle protestors have Sky TV in their sights
88 Charlie Swinbourne: The 10 most annoying things about hearing aids
89 BSL video: Water Aid thank Deaf community for water challenge donations – then soak themselves!
90 Teresa Garratty: Is it time for deaf people to be a little less angry?
91 Deaf news: Portable sign language translator app “will allow deaf to talk to anyone”
92 Ian Noon: The impact of concentration fatigue on deaf children should be factored in
93 Tim Blackwell: DLA is set to disappear, and deaf people need to prepare for it
94 Emily Howlett: Everybody’s talking about giving my baby a cochlear implant… Except me.
95 Ian Noon: Many deaf people are set to lose their Disability Living Allowance
96 Jen Dodds: Why UKIP is not a Deaf-friendly party (BSL)
97 The Question: Do deaf people sleep better at night than hearing people?
98 Alice Archer: The shame of hearing privilege
99 Deaf News: Access to Work 30 Hour rule suspended by government pending review
100 Emily Howlett: The media should question whether viral cochlear implant videos reflect most people’s experiences
101 Nicola Clarkson: Why I was relieved when I was finally told my daughter was deaf
102 The Question: Could you spot a deaf person in a crowded room? And is there such a thing as a ‘Deafdar’? (BSL)
103 Michael Fahey: “Deaf? Driving? Surely that’s not safe?” The adventures of a deaf driver
104 Deaf News: BBC iPlayer subtitle shambles
105 Samuel Dore: What I thought of Sony’s subtitled glasses for cinemas
Jen Dodds: On something that’s boring, but really, really important – the National Framework Agreement (BSL)
Ask the chicken: My husband won’t let me turn on the subtitles on TV. What should I do?
Smash: What it’s like to be a deaf kid at school
Deaf News: Sign Language interpreter pictured at work with Obama in the Whitehouse
Watch: Flavia Fleischer’s video explaining “What is Deaf culture?” which has gone viral
Rebecca-Anne Withey: What I thought of the Netflix movie ‘Hush,’ with a Deaf character (but not a Deaf actress)
Shari Eberts: How to have a better conversation with someone who wears hearing aids
The Secret Deafie: Losing sight, gaining insight
Donna Williams: Paul Whitehouse rubbed the ‘fake’ interpreter controversy in deaf people’s faces
Deaf News: Son who had to tell Deaf father that he would die fears nothing will change after York health report released
Deaf News: Success for #toylikeme campaign as London firm agrees to make Deaf doll
Anonymous: If people can register as a BSL interpreter with just a degree, the Deaf community’s doomed
Conservative Party says election manifesto will not be translated into BSL due to “time constraints”
DCAL: Why BSL linguistics matters for BSL teaching and learning (BSL)
Callum Fox: English. It’s a bastard (when you can’t pronounce certain words)
“I don’t want to lose what I learned when I was deaf.” A conversation with Bella Bathurst, author
Joanne Swinbourne: Why I have trust issues. With audiologists (BSL)
Deaf News: ‘Fake’ interpreter faced murder charge in 2003
Charlie Swinbourne: Hearing people mocking sign language for comic effect just isn’t funny
Charlie Swinbourne: Why we should be outraged over a “dirty” sign language book
“Ignore the little ******* inside you that tells you you can’t.” Meet actress Sophie Stone
The Question: Should Deaf people get a 95% reduction in their licence fee?
The Secret Deafie: “I learned long ago that only other parents of deaf children really understand me now”
Deaf News: New ‘fake interpreter’ storm over Hurricane Irma emergency newsflash
Jen Dodds: No, Holby City, children should not be used as interpreters for their deaf parents
John Smith: Why Deaf clubs matter (and what they give you that Deaf Pub events can’t) (BSL)
Ni Gallant: The craze for pimping your hearing aids!
Dr Graham Williams: Who were the world’s greatest deaf scientists?
Watch: BBC Breakfast News’ cochlear implant debates – with subtitles
Andy Palmer: 10 situations when knowing sign language can help any deaf child (BSL)
Jen Dodds: BSL users shouldn’t have to battle with other deaf people
Watch: BBC Newswatch item on live subtitles (with live subtitles)
Emily Howlett: Learning to ‘sing’ for my performance in last night’s episode of the BBC’s Inside No. 9
Andy Palmer: 7 ways to keep sign language learning fresh in your memory
Who cares about deaf students in higher education? A notetaker’s (anonymous) perspective
Deaf man completes 15 hour Channel swim, raising thousands for Deaflympics athletes
Jonathan Reid: Purley, “where deaf people in London go to die”
Exclusive: Deaf woman says she was “humiliated” on bus as driver allegedly insists she can hear phone
Kelly Dougher: Why I no longer mention being deaf in job interviews
Deaf News: Deaf people in court accused of alleged £1 million Access to Work fraud
Deaf News: Researchers develop prototype of fully internal cochlear implant
Deaf News: Newcastle United FC allegedly refused to provide sign language interpreter for Deaf mascot – unless father waited outside the ground
The Secret Deafie: The day I was rejected from the Deaf club… for having only one arm
Video appears showing interview with Deaf witness to Finsbury Park terror attack
Ian Noon: A tribute to my mother and other mums of deaf children
Jennifer Stuessy: The 10 most dangerous places for a hearing aid
Leigh Taylor: 10 things you should never say to the (hearing) parent of a deaf child
Amanda Everitt: Nursery Rhymes can be expressed in sign language, too
Obituary: Hal Draper, Deaf actor and comedian
Donna Williams: S*** people say… to sign language interpreters
‘My special place,’ an anonymous essay by a 10 year old child who has deaf parents
Deaf News: Deaf man charged with murder of actor Vitalis Katakinas
Andy Palmer: 7 speech development tips for children with cochlear implants
Charlie Swinbourne: The day Richard Griffiths told us about being brought up by Deaf parents
Ian Noon: Access to Work has become institutionally hostile to disabled people
Laura Hawksworth: 7 things Learning Support Assistants should never do in class
Coco Roschaert: Deafblind people are DEAF, and part of the Deaf community, too
Emily Howlett: Are cochlear implants child abuse, a ‘quick fix’ or a threat to Deaf identity?
“I am a different Gerry now to the Gerry I was when I left.” An interview with Deaf round-the-world sailor Gerry Hughes
Deaf News: Three Deaf people jailed for 12 years for Access to Work fraud
Emily Howlett: Five famous deaf people you should know about
Anonymous Interpreter: I feel it’s time for interpreters to focus on the important parts of our job
Watch: Beautiful BSL version of Silent Night, just in time for Christmas
Deaf News: SignHealth claim research shows thousands of deaf people are suffering from “unintentional neglect” by the NHS
Anna Hughes: In a job interview, do I have ‘special requirements?’
Charlie Swinbourne: The 10 annoying habits of hearing people
Professor Graham Turner: 10 key issues relating to the Access to Work crisis (BSL)
Catherine White: My memories of growing up as a child of Deaf parents in Ireland
Is the number of signers lower than previously thought? Census records 22,000 sign language users
Anonymous: Deaf English users are unable to access registered communication professionals when they need to
Council’s job advert for ‘unqualified interpreter’ leads to outcry from Deaf people online
Deaf campaigners express shock and disgust as Disability Minister boasts £3 million of Access to Work budget was UNSPENT
Nick Sturley: Ten things Deaf people should never say to an Usher person
Jason Wagner: I met a nice girl online. So what’s the catch?
Teresa Garratty: 10 reasons why subtitles are freaking awesome!
Mark Levin: How being told “NO” drove me on
Top 10 misconceptions about deafness in the UK – as revealed to the National Deaf Children’s Society
Watch: Channel 4 to show UK’s first sign language-only advert during Paralympics
Shari Eberts: 5 things I wish everyone knew about hearing loss
The Secret Deafie: The day I found myself on the hearing man’s side
Catherine Small: Tackling labyrinthitis
Watch: New London Mayor Sadiq Khan signing to the Deaf community and pledging to implement BSL charter
Review: Rita Simons – My daughter, deafness and me (BBC1)
Video: It’s National Lipreading Awareness Week. So why not take Charlie’s lipreading test?
The Secret Deafie: How I used the Deaf Card to outsmart an angry man
Melinda Hildebrandt: Why I’m trying to give my daughter access to the Deaf community
Kathryn Wilkins: Deaf education vs mainstream education
Cilla Black has a ‘hearing implant’ fitted but the Mail Online story doesn’t stack up
Arnaud Balard: Why I designed a ‘Sign Union’ flag for Deaf people everywhere
Rebecca-Anne Withey: What it’s like to be in the middle of the Deaf and hearing worlds
Shock cochlear implant picture: Interview with artist
Deaf News: Seven people appear in court accused of £200k Access to Work fraud
Deaf News: Is See Hear, the BBC’s long-running series for Deaf people, under threat?
Deaf News: TV Comedian targets LOVEFiLM offices in direct action over subtitles
Deaf News: Sign language interpreters convicted of £1million Access to Work fraud
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  1. The top thing for me as a severely deafened person who wears hearing aids and lip reads
    Is the question “how come you can’t sign
    If your deaf”? really some people actually believe that if your deaf you automatically know how to sign lol

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