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  1. Exclusive: ‘Fake’ sign language interpreter mars Nelson Mandela memorial service for Deaf people worldwide
  2. Charlie Swinbourne: The Ten Annoying Habits of Hearing People
  3. Charlie Swinbourne: The Ten Annoying Habits of Deaf People
  4. Charlie Swinbourne: Ten things you should never say to a deaf person
  5. “I had to tell my dad he was going to die, because he wasn’t given a sign language interpreter” by Andy Palmer
  6. Ian Noon: The effect of concentration fatigue on deaf children
  7. Mark Levin: Let’s eradicate the term ‘hearing impaired’
  8. Meet: Bruno Kahne, who teaches hearing people to communicate like deaf people
  9. John Walker: 10 things deaf children learn at mainstream school
  10. Deaf News: Deaf community in mourning for actor Vitalis Katakinas
  11. Charlie Swinbourne: Things that could only happen to a deaf person
  12. Donna Williams: S*** people say to sign language interpreters
  13. Deaf man enters Big Brother house
  14. Signs of a sexual nature: Do deaf people wear hearing aids in bed?
  15. The Question: Do hearing people fake their sneezes?
  16. Deaf news: Shocking video shows deaf man being ejected from Canadian courthouse
  17. William Mager: Seeing my son for the first time
  18. Ian Noon: Who at DWP thought it was ok to make deaf people claim by telephone?
  19. Deaf News: Facebook video shows patient upset and anxious in hospital
  20. Watch: Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman signing Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine”
  21. Deaf News: Sign language interpreter shown in Obama’s office
  22. The Secret Deafie: Losing sight, gaining insight
  23.  Tony Barlow: In employment, are deaf people bottom of the pecking order?
  24. William Mager: Could Google Glass be the Deaf community’s ‘disruptive’ innovation?
  25. “I’m a different Gerry now to the Gerry I was when I left” Interview with Deaf sailor Gerry Hughes
  26. Ask the Chicken: My husband won’t let me watch TV with subtitles. What should I do?
  27. Nick Sturley: 10 things you should never say to a person with Usher Syndrome
  28. Charlie Swinbourne: The day Richard Griffiths told us about being brought up by Deaf parents
  29. Obituary: Hal Draper, Deaf actor and comedian
  30. Thumbs up: MobileSign, the free British Sign Language app
  31. Leigh Taylor: 10 things you should never say to the hearing parent of a deaf child
  32. Deaf News: Portable sign language translator app “will allow deaf to talk to anyone”
  33. Deaf News: Deaf man charged with murder of actor Vitalis Katakinas
  34. Review: Rita Simons – My daughter, deafness and me
  35. Haley Sadler: Beating the bullies
  36. “I don’t want to lose what I learned when I was deaf.” A conversation with Bella Bathurst, author
  37. Jason Wagner: I met a nice girl online. So what’s the catch?
  38. Andy Palmer: Ten reasons you should learn sign language
  39. Charlie Swinbourne: 10 things hearing people should know about deaf people
  40. News: Theatre company calls deaf patron a “deaf bugger”
  41. Charlie Swinbourne: Hearing people mocking sign language for comic effect just isn’t funny
  42. Ian Noon: Many deaf people are set to lose their DLA
  43. Charlie Swinbourne: Why we should be outraged over a “dirty” sign language book
  44. Deaf performers and artists shine at London 2012 opening ceremony
  45. William Mager: An open letter to my son”
  46. Deaf News: Is See Hear under threat?
  47. Donna Williams: Why everyone should give Big Brother winner Sam Evans a break
  48. Deaf News: Bizarre Ofsted consultation document uses BSL ‘symbols’ to reach Deaf children
  49. Smash: What it’s like to be a deaf kid at school
  50. Deaf News: Campaign for BSL Act begins
  51. Andy Palmer: As school begins, my advice for other parents of deaf children
  52. Adrian Swinbourne: Why I got private hearing aids after 29 years with the NHS
  53. Deaf News: Mobile app turns iPhone into a hearing aid!
  54. Callum Fox: English. It’s a bastard when you can’t pronounce certain words
  55. Tim Blackwell: DLA is set to disappear and deaf people need to prepare for it
  56. Jonathan Reid: Purley, “where deaf people go to die
  57. The Secret Deafie: The day I found myself on the hearing man’s side
  58. Charlie Swinbourne: 10 great comebacks for deaf people to use
  59. Jen Dodds: Growing up in oral education
  60. Watch: The future of interpreting services?
  61. Subtitle Fail: Andy Murray’s “bigamist” umpire at Wimbledon
  62. Haley Sadler: My advice for tackling bullies
  63. Teresa Garratty: 10 reasons subtitles are freaking awesome!
  64. Deaf news: ‘Banks face threat of massive payouts to deaf customers’ says The Times
  65. Robert Mandara: Programming your own hearing aids, part 2
  66. Shock cochlear implant picture: Interview with artist
  67. Big Brother Update: Sam talks about what it’s like to be deaf
  68. Craig Crowley MBE: My personal thoughts about the Olympic & Paralympic Games in London 2012
  69. Donna Williams: British SPECIAL language?! How interpreting agencies get it wrong
  70. Deaf News: Gerry Hughes becomes first British Deaf person to sail around the world solo!
  71. AJW Smith: Longing for Belonging
  72. Asher Woodman-Worrell: How my friend Ben Thomson conquered university
  73. Laraine Callow: Should deaf people speak for themselves?
  74. Mark Nelson: Peak Access Theory
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  1. The top thing for me as a severely deafened person who wears hearing aids and lip reads
    Is the question “how come you can’t sign
    If your deaf”? really some people actually believe that if your deaf you automatically know how to sign lol

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