Read: William Mager’s article telling the moving story of a Deaf couple who appeared in a 1940 Pathé video

December 18, 2014


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BBC See Hear recently tracked down a Deaf couple who appeared in a Pathe news video online on their wedding day. In a BBC News article, series producer William Mager has written about the programme (which aired yesterday and can now be seen in full via the See Hear website) and the moving story they uncovered. […]

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Jen Dodds: My personal review of 2014! (BSL)

December 18, 2014



As 2014 is coming to an end, I thought it would be good to celebrate by doing my own little video review of the year (all views are mine, not the views of the Limping Chicken site in any way). To watch this article in BSL, signed by Jen, click play below! For me, 2014 was […]

Deaf News: Ofsted to inspect support given to deaf children by local authorities

December 18, 2014


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The Department for Education announced yesterday that it will invite Ofsted to formally inspect local authorities on how they meet their legal duties towards children with special educational needs (SEN). This is good news for Deaf children and their parents, who will now be able to assess the quality of the support they are being given, […]

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Deaf News: Mixed response to NRCPD Code of Conduct consultation (BSL)

December 17, 2014



NRCPD is making changes to its Code of Conduct and complaints process and wants to know what deaf people and communication and language professionals think. The Code of Conduct says how communication and language professionals should act. It covers things like confidentiality, competence and professional development. (Video translation by Stuart Anderson of Signamic)   If […]

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Watch: Beautiful BSL version of Silent Night, just in time for Christmas

December 17, 2014


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A beautiful signed version of Silent Night has been uploaded to YouTube, featuring BSL from Nadia Nadarajah along with music from Deaf flautist Ruth Montgomery. So, to get into the Christmas spirit, just click play below, then read on to find out more about the creation of the video! Ruth Montgomery wrote on her website: […]

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Joanna Wootten: Why I love Access to Work

December 16, 2014


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In the last few years, it’s been a brilliant time to be deaf. Technology has emancipated us – the internet, subtitles, skype, SMS and emails have all helped us to participate in the world. More and more deaf people have gone to university, got good jobs, and are flourishing. It’s been OK to be deaf […]

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Deaf News: North Korea takes break from row with Sony Pictures to send Deaf football team to play in Australia

December 15, 2014


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North Korea has been in the headlines over the last week due to a row over a new film from the Hollywood studio Sony Pictures, which shows two journalists plotting to kill the country’s leader. There is some happier news from the country though, with this story from Australia’s SBS, reporting that the country’s Deaf […]

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