Deaf News: Deaf man prosecuted for calling police officer a “pig” in sign language

March 26, 2015



The Telegraph has reported that a Deaf man has been prosecuted after a police officer understood that the Deaf man had called him a “pig” in sign language. Extract: A deaf man has been prosecuted after he called a police officer a “pig” in sign language. The officer who arrested Linley Hassan, 25, understood the […]

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“But my patients say I speak clearly.” Anonymous: An open letter to my deaf husband’s ENT consultant (BSL)

March 26, 2015



The word ‘deaf’ is a big one. Common themes exist, with different shades for the individual who experiences it. As I write this I also see this connection with the word ‘stress.’ My husband was born severely deaf and over his 53 years, he has become progressively more ‘deaf’. To watch this article in BSL, […]

Meriah Nichols: The challenges of being a deaf mother

March 25, 2015


Meriah Nichols

I was interviewed recently for a hearing magazine and one of the questions that they asked me was, “what would you say the greatest challenge of being a deaf mother is?”. The first thing that came to mind was last week. I was sitting on the bench outside of Moxie’s class with Micah and Moxie’s […]

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Nick Sturley: Why is tactile sign language so important for Usher and deafblind people?

March 24, 2015


Nick Sturley

I have been using tactile sign language for over 16 years now. There are several different names for this method such as hands–on signing, Tactile BSL (TBSL) and Deafblind Manual, to name a few. The hands–on signing, or TBSL, method involves both hands holding over the hands of a signer so that the words, phrases […]

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Watch: Rinkoo Barpaga’s documentary about racism in the Deaf community

March 23, 2015


DD_RinkooPresenting - Version 2

On the BSL Zone today there’s a new programme called Double Discrimination, which is a brand-new documentary about racism in the Deaf community. The film was made by Rinkoo Barpaga as part of the Zoom 2014 scheme for new filmmakers. It features Deaf people talking openly about their own experiences of racism and discrimination, with […]

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Richard Turner: Deaf people and politics – how I saw the big deaf debate

March 23, 2015



I find it sad that so many of us feel disengaged, mistrustful and disillusioned with our politicians. People feel that they are too professional, too detached and they don’t represent the people who voted them in. This is especially the case for many people in the deaf and hard of hearing community, who feel so […]

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Reema Patel: Growing up deaf in a hearing world

March 21, 2015



Every weekend, we are publishing popular articles from our archive, which you might have missed the first time round! Tell us which articles you think should be reposted by My deafness is relatively invisible, although significant (moderate to severe hearing nerve loss). I have clear speech, I can lip-read well (except for in dark or in […]

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