Deaf News: Turkish Deaf woman prosecuted for alleged involvement in street protests that left her paralysed

June 30, 2015



A Deaf woman in Turkey is being prosecuted for her alleged involvement in street protests in an incident that left her paralysed. Şehriban Sertkal is being charged with being a member of a terror organisation and being involved in the protests seemlingly on the basis that she is a woman, and no other women were admitted […]

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Molly Watt: Internet – Inclusion and Isolation!

June 30, 2015


Molly Watt 1

When I look back I can see I isolated myself when I was first diagnosed with Usher Syndrome. I could carry on as a deaf person, no difference. I went to school, I was anxious as I struggled to cope with my changing world. I couldn’t wait to get home to the safety of home […]

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Robert Hunter: The City needs more self-doubt when it comes to improving diversity in its workforce

June 29, 2015


Robert Hunter

When on 5th January 1995, McArthur Wheeler walked in to Mellon Bank, Swissdale, Philadelphia, a loaded gun in his hand, it was to be the perfect crime.  It probably didn’t look like one. Standing there, without a mask, most criminals in Wheeler’s position would have been worried about being identified on the bank’s CCTV cameras.  After all, at 5’6″ tall […]

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Teresa Garratty: “Touched for the 31st time” – my top 10 misheard song lyrics!

June 27, 2015


teresa garratty

At weekends, we publish some of the most popular articles from our archive. Tell us which are your favourite articles by emailing When you’re Deaf or hard of hearing, sometimes things that are similar get muddled up, but it’s not the end of the world – in fact, it’s often quite hilarious! For example, […]

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Deaf News: Deaf Australian woman allegedly filmed plotting murder in sign language

June 26, 2015



Extract from The Telegraph: A 19-year-old deaf woman in Australia charged with throwing her boyfriend’s flatmate from a balcony was allegedly filmed on CCTV using sign language to plot the attack, telling her alleged conspirators: “I think a fall is better.” A court in Melbourne heard that Georgia Fields was filmed discussing the plot on […]

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Deaf campaigners express shock and disgust as Disability Minister boasts £3 million of Access to Work budget was UNSPENT

June 25, 2015



Deaf campaigners against cuts to Access to Work, which offers support for Deaf and disabled people at work, have expressed their shock and disgust at the news that £3 million of the budget for 2014/15 was left unspent. As this site has repeatedly reported, during the last 2 years, Deaf people in work have suffered […]

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Deaf News: Subtitles bill tabled and MP support grows but debate unlikely

June 25, 2015


Lillian Greenwood

Yesterday. Labour MP Lilian Greenwood submited a new Private Members Bill to the House of Commons, backing a national campaign by Action on Hearing Loss to ensure the millions of people who rely on subtitles can equally access on demand television and film through new media services. The Communications Act 2003 amendment, which seeks to […]

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