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Richard Turner: Subtitles need to go back to the future

June 3, 2015


In 2003 Tony Blair was still Prime Minister. ‘Friends’ was running its last series, Facebook had only just been launched worldwide and Apple’s iTunes store had only just been developed. That was also the year that I got my first Nokia 3200 mobile phone. It was state of the art technology at the time. I […]

The Question: Is the much-used statistic ’10 million deaf people’ helpful?

September 26, 2014


An often quoted statistic about deafness and hearing loss in the UK is that there are ten million people who have some level of deafness. It’s normally the first piece of information that’s offered to newbies on the subject. The intention of using the statistic is to make people consider that deafness or hearing loss […]

Laura’s Pregnancy Diary: If deaf charities had a different focus, maybe I could book my antenatal appointments myself

March 7, 2014


Laura Hignett is deaf and pregnant. She is sharing her diary entries with us as she prepares for the birth of her first child. This week, Laura discusses the focus of charities working for deaf people 8 Weeks to go Earlier this week I was reading an article on The Limping Chicken about the urgent […]

Deaf News: Action on Hearing Loss CEO posts video urgently asking supporters to bridge £2.5 million shortfall in funds

February 26, 2014


The CEO of Action on Hearing Loss, Paul Breckell, has posted a video urgently asking the charity’s supporters to bridge a potential £2.5 million shortfall in the charity’s funds. The reason for the shortfall, Breckell tells us in the video,  is a reduction in the money that people have left the charity in their wills […]

Deaf News: Seven deaf groups meet at Westminster to discuss Communication Support Bill

November 25, 2013


Seven deaf organisations and groups representing the deaf community (the D7) are meeting in London today to plot the next steps for Sir Malcolm Bruce MP’s Communication Support Bill. The Bill didn’t progress beyond its second reading last month because it ran out of time for debate. Today, the leading groups from the deaf world […]

Deaf News: Hearing screening campaign for people aged over 65 launched

October 2, 2013


A campaign led by deaf MP Stephen Lloyd to persuade the government to introduce a hearing screening programme for people over the age of 65 has been launched. Backed by charities Action on Hearing Loss and Age UK among others, the campaign Hearing Screening for Life is calling on the government to check hearing at […]

Deaf News: Zero-hours scheme defended by Action on Hearing Loss

August 16, 2013


Zero-hour contracts have come under the spotlight in the past few weeks. National deafness and hearing loss charity, Action on Hearing Loss, has defended itself after The Northern Echo newspaper claimed the organisation is employing two community support workers in the North-East of England on zero-hours contracts. The use of zero-hours contracts has been widely criticised […]