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Charlie Swinbourne: 10 things that only happen to deaf people in films (and not in real life)

March 11, 2016


Deaf characters who appear in films and TV series often give Deaf people mixed feelings. On one hand, it’s exciting to […]

Meriah Nichols: I don’t agree that sign language will die out because of technology

April 10, 2015


Andrew Solomon wrote a book called “Far From the Tree” that was all the rage a couple of years ago. […]

Watch: How a Deaf meet-up at Starbucks changed a Deaf woman’s life

February 20, 2015


Exclusive: Rebecca-Anne Withey interviews the director of the ASL version of Let it Go, Jules Dameron

February 10, 2015


There is no denying that the Disney film Frozen has taken the world by storm. And its iconic song, Let […]

Watch: The song Let it Go from Frozen – signed in American Sign Language!

January 27, 2015


If your kids are anything like my kids, you’ll be very very excited about showing this to them, thanks to […]

“We are all on our own ultimately, and that is where my work comes from.” Meet Deaf artist and author Louise Stern

October 21, 2014


You are an artist and an author – how much were you exposed to art and literature in your younger years? My […]

Deaf News: American Deaf woman sues to get sign language interpreter for baby’s birth

September 1, 2014


Earlier this year, a British Deaf couple made headlines when they complained about the lack of an interpreter during their […]

Watch: The video everyone’s talking about, ‘Happy’ in sign language!

August 29, 2014


It’s the video that’s gone viral and is being added to more news sites on a daily basis – the […]

Joseph Santini: How Deaf students can avoid isolation when they first start university or college

August 27, 2014


Gallaudet University is the world’s only liberal arts university for Deaf people. It’s a wonderful place, and definitely more accessible for […]

Andy Palmer: 10 situations when knowing sign language can help any deaf child (BSL)

July 18, 2014


Many severely or profoundly deaf kids these days wear cochlear implants or hearing aids. Some parents, new to the experience of […]