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Deaf News: Researchers find that regional variations of BSL are in decline

April 24, 2014


British Sign Language is a rich, naturally evolving language, where the signs you use can vary according to where you live and where you went to school. Just like in English, where you may call a bread roll a ‘bap’, ‘barm’ or ‘cob’, partly depending on where you grew up, the vocabulary of BSL can […]

Review: Deafinitely Theatre’s ‘Two’ – by Donna Williams

January 9, 2014


On 14th November I had a lovely birthday treat – a trip to London to see Deafinitely Theatre’s production of Jim Cartwright’s TWO, which was on at Southwark Playhouse from 24th October – 16th November. This classic play is set in a traditional pub, with the Landlord and Landlady shutting up for the last time, […]

Deaf News: £245,000 for research into England’s first Deaf church

January 9, 2014


Dr William John Lyons, senior lecturer in the University of Bristol’s Department of Religion and Theology, has secured a three year Leverhulme Trust project grant worth £244,911 for his project ‘Scripture, dissent and Deaf space: St Saviour’s, Oxford Street’. St Saviour’s was England’s first Deaf Church, built in 1870 after a committee of seven Deaf […]

Watch: The BSL Zone’s video profiles of famous deaf people from history!

January 8, 2014


The BSL Zone website hosts all kinds of programmes made in British Sign Language (BSL) including Deaf dramas, magazine series and children’s programmes. As part of the BSL Zone’s Wicked series, a series of short documentaries were made, featuring profiles of famous deaf people from history, and they’ve now been added to their site as […]

Read: How deaf women are vulnerable to domestic abuse: the tragic story of Safiya

October 24, 2013


An article in the New Statesman has followed up on the harrowing story of a Deaf woman who was kept as a slave and repeatedly raped with this article on how Deaf women are vulnerable to domestic abuse. The writer, Frances Ryan, points out that deaf women are twice as likely to experience domestic abuse, […]

Linda Richards: If we don’t support our own, who can we expect to support the Deaf community?

October 1, 2013


“Money, money, money…. It’s a rich man’s world.” Or so the lyrics of the Abba song go. Some say it’s essentially about wanting (more) money and how it would help with the pursuit of a ‘selfish’ life while others say it is a sarcastic comment on how money doesn’t always bring happiness! But there is […]

Jen Dodds: Growing up in oral education

September 20, 2013


A new school year has just started and kids everywhere are going back to school – or just starting it, like my son and his friends. That, and Andy’s great post for parents of deaf kids, has got me thinking about my own (deaf) education. I don’t mean to be negative, but er, it was […]