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Go See: World Deaf Tennis Championships in Nottingham, 20th – 26th July

July 14, 2015


There’s a unique opportunity to go and see the world’s best deaf tennis players in action in Nottingham next week, with the World Deaf Tennis Championships taking place at Nottingham Tennis Centre. The event is organised by the tennis foundation, and features not only the men’s and women’s tournament, but also the junior tournament too. Tickets […]

Emily Howlett: Why playing myself in ‘Found’ was much tougher than acting

July 10, 2015


So, I’m guessing you will have seen ‘Found’ by now? The documentary directed by the Chicken’s very own Charlie Swinbourne, exploring how three deaf people ‘found’ their Deaf identity? Featuring Joanne Swinbourne, John Walker and, well, me… If you haven’t, here it is: I can wait while you watch. Go ahead. Done? It’s lovely, isn’t […]

Jen Dodds: How pushing my daughter on the swings in the park enhances Deaf visibility! (BSL)

June 24, 2015


Hello! I’d like to talk about hearing people; not family and friend-type hearing people, but hearing people who I don’t actually know. To see Jen’s article in BSL, click play below, or scroll down for English! Since I’ve had children, I seem to meet and spend more time with random hearing people; lots of them. […]

Ni Gallant: 3 things I’ve learned from my time in a wheelchair – and why we have to stand together to fight welfare cuts

May 20, 2015


I wrote this post coming to the end of a tough week for myself. But the motivation came from the people around me – since the election results came through I’ve seen that people are disillusioned and worried for their future… I want to remind people that difference is a positive, something to celebrate. Our […]

Sylvia Kenneth: If you feel you need help with mental health, seek it out

May 8, 2015


This article is about mental health issues. If you feel you need help, to find out about BSL counselling service Healthy Minds, which is run by the charity Sign Health, click here. Next week, from 11th – 17th May, is Mental Health Awareness week . As it is Mental Health Awareness week, it is most […]

Jen Dodds: Why UKIP is not a Deaf-friendly party (BSL)

May 1, 2015


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there’s soon to be an election in the UK. One thing in particular that I’ve noticed is that lots of Deaf people seem to be voting UKIP (the UK Independence Party), or thinking about it. To watch this article signed in BSL by Jen Dodds, click play below: At first, […]

Penny Batchelor: Why is it only the Green Party who are after the Deaf and disabled vote?

April 29, 2015


The manifestoes are out, the politicians’ gloves are off and there’s just over a week to go until polling day. Yet until recently, finding a concrete, worked through disability welfare policy in the parties’ manifestoes has been like looking for the Marie Celeste. As a physically disabled and deaf woman I’m very interested in political parties’ […]