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Richard Turner: What would Nelson Mandela have thought about the lack of subtitles at the cinema?

January 6, 2014


I really wanted to go and see the new film about Nelson Mandela called ‘Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ ever since I first heard about it a few weeks ago. But it proved to be a real challenge trying to find a subtitled show of it that my wife and I could go and […]

Joanna Poulton: Why Vimeo and other online video hosting sites need to be more accessible

December 18, 2013


There are vast amounts of creative and visual content online that is still inaccessible to deaf  audiences due to the lack of subtitling through online video hosts. Being a CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult), I have found myself straddling both the hearing and the deaf world my entire life. I was involved with a […]

Meet: Suzie Jones, co-founder of the ‘Pardon’ Facebook group

September 18, 2013


Hi Suzie! Describe the aims of the group? The needs of deaf and HOH people are diverse. We listen if we have residual hearing, we lipread, we use body language, gesture and facial expression. We may use hearing aids, including CI and BAHA. Some of us use a sign language like BSL but most will […]

Teresa Garratty: 10 reasons why subtitles are freaking awesome!

July 12, 2013


I have a bit of a personal gripe when it comes to those who find subtitles ‘annoying,’ so I thought I’d compile a list that I can hand to them, shutting them up, and leaving me to watch The Big Bang Theory in peace! 1. First up, and most importantly, some people NEED English subtitles […]

“YouTube’s auto captions? Don’t make me laugh!” Meet Claire Hill, expert stenographer!

April 17, 2013


I first worked with Claire Hill when she provided speech-to-text for live comedy at Soho Theatre. I was amazed at how quickly and accurately the words that the comedians spoke appeared on screen. Put it this way, if Claire was providing live subtitles on TV on a constant basis, we wouldn’t have nearly as many […]

Ginny Kanka: How subtitled talks provided by STAGETEXT reduce the stress of trying to lipread!

April 9, 2013


For decades, art galleries had FREE lunchtime talks - something I’ve always wanted to go but didn’t – as the talks would have fallen on my deaf ears. So there was ecstatic joy for me when such talks became supported by live speech-to-text. It is brilliant! The text is transcribed live and appears on a screen, […]

Deaf News: Action on Hearing Loss survey shows 46% of deaf people unhappy with news subtitles

December 13, 2012


  The UK charity Action on Hearing Loss is calling on producers of television news programmes to ensure that timely and accurate subtitles are available for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing, following a survey by the charity which showed 46% of respondents experienced problems with television news subtitling. The charity used data […]