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Corey Williams: Why I said no to cochlear implants for my daughter

June 9, 2014


Una, meaning “unity” and “only one” was born at home. We spent the first two days together in my bedroom. On day three we made a move to the living room where my dogs had been waiting to see what all the fuss was about. Having never seen a baby before, the barking was intense […]

Deaf News: Researchers develop prototype of fully internal cochlear implant

May 21, 2014


American researchers have developed a prototype cochlear implant which would be entirely internal, with no visible hardware on the outside of the head. The advance is a result of collaboration between MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories and teams from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. Current cochlear implant technology requires an external […]

Tamsin Coates: Whatever equipment a deaf child uses, they are still deaf

April 15, 2014


‘Is there any such thing as a deaf child anymore?’ This was a question I recently overhead, spoken by an education professional who works with children who are deaf/have a hearing loss. To put their question in context the lady was relating it to the different types of technology now available which deaf children can […]

Watch: BBC Breakfast News’ cochlear implant debates – with subtitles

April 1, 2014


After the video of a woman’s response to having her cochlear implant switched on went viral last week, BBC Breakfast News hosted a debate with William Mager (Series Producer of See Hear) and Craig Crowley (CEO of Action Deafness) in which they discussed the issue of how cochlear implants are viewed by the media, against […]

Watch: The latest cochlear implant switch-on video to go viral

March 28, 2014


News spread online yesterday about a deaf woman, with Usher syndrome, who can be seen crying with joy in an online video when her cochlear implants were activated for the first time. According to Mail Online, Joanne Milne, aged 40, began to lose her hearing as a toddler and in her twenties, also her sight. […]

Emily Howlett: Everybody’s talking about giving my baby a cochlear implant… Except me.

November 22, 2013


My life as a deaf person has been filled with a lot of noise (pun intended, but still terrible) about cochlear implants. I was born around the same time that the technology was starting to really develop and become, if not common then at least known. The cyborgs had become a reality… Bionic ears! I’m […]

Deaf News: The Ear Foundation call for more cochlear implants for deaf adults

October 25, 2013


Hearing implant charity The Ear Foundation is calling for an expansion in the use of cochlear implants for deaf adults. In a report released at a recent conference in London last week, the case for more cochlear implantation for adults is laid out citing significant benefits for patients and for the economy. The report, co-authored […]