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Andy Palmer: 7 speech development tips for children with cochlear implants

September 3, 2014


Going through boxes of dusty old stuff at the weekend I rediscovered a home-made game that I made to help my deaf son learn how to hear with his cochlear implant. It was something I called the ‘Ling Machine.’ The Ling Sounds are just noises that cover the spectrum of speech, from a low ‘mmm’ […]

Melinda Hildebrandt: The Deaf parenting situation that reminded me of David Brent in The Office

July 2, 2014


I recently found myself in a situation that reminded me of one of my favourite David Brent moments (and there are many) from The Office. Brent (played by Ricky Gervais with depths of pathos unseen since the days of W.C. Fields) is told by his boss, Jennifer Taylor-Clarke, that Wernham Hogg is under a financial cloud. Changes to the Slough branch will need to […]

Joseph Santini: Why critical literacy is so important for Deaf children

July 1, 2014


A recent episode of Kitchen Nightmares had the host, Chef Gordon Ramsay, excoriating a family about its restaurant, Sam’s Mediterranean Kabob Room. The Chef initially asks the whole family to take turns pointing out why the business isn’t improving. It’s painful to watch. At this point, the father and mother start crying. It’s obviously a real breakdown. […]

Deaf News: Deaf teenager wins prestigious award then donates £500 prize to deaf kids charity

April 17, 2014


A deaf teenager from The Wirral has won a prestigious award for her work in raising awareness and campaigning for deaf children and then donated her £500 to charity. Bethany Eason, aged 16 and a cochlear implant user, was nominated by her Head Teacher for the Rotary Club Young Citizen Award because he was impressed […]

Melinda Hildebrandt: I watched my daughter embrace the visual communication that helped connect her to people

November 14, 2013


Nobody ever thinks that you’re going to send your child to a special school. You know, you don’t wake up and think to yourself, I really hope my child gets into a special school. That’s just not how we are is it? I think I’ve changed. – Sara James (‘A Place for Us’, Australian Story, 12 […]

Andy Palmer: I want to see a deaf footballer in the Premier League

November 12, 2013


I got involved in deaf football coaching when I noticed that there were no other deaf players in the local football league division that my son played in. No other deaf players on any opposing team all season. That’s not right? I thought. I knew that there were hundreds of deaf children in the area but […]

Melinda Hildebrandt: Why I’m trying to give my daughter access to the Deaf community

October 31, 2013


I am reading Andrew Solomon’s brilliant Far from the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity at the moment. It’s about how families cope with having a child with a disability (mental, physical, social) and the loaded choices that sometimes result in crises of identity and domestic turbulence. Naturally I jumped ahead to his chapter on deafness […]