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Husna Begum: Help us save the only day nursery in Tower Hamlets that has a resource base for deaf children

November 19, 2014


My name is Husna Begum and I am the chair of the Tower Hamlets Deaf Children’s Society. We are a charity working on behalf of all the deaf children in the community. There are four nurseries in threat of closure/ privatization by Tower Hamlets Local Authority, one of them being Overland’s Children’s Centre. This is […]

Ian Noon: Making health information accessible to deaf children and young people

November 6, 2014


Earlier this year, the My life, my health campaign, set up by the amazing National Deaf Children’s Society Young Person’s Advisory Board, published a report setting out the views of deaf young people on what needed to change to ensure they could access health services. One of the key themes that came out of their […]

Dave Weeds: Why I’m running marathons on 7 continents (including the Antarctic) for the NDCS

October 19, 2014


In 2008, shortly after turning 31 I wanted to do something ‘life defining’ that I could look back on in years to come and say “I achieved that”. I decided that I would try to take up running and set myself the challenge to run the 2009 London Marathon. A big motivating factor for me […]

Deaf News: NDCS says audiology services are failing deaf children in England

September 29, 2014


The shocking state of England’s children’s audiology services is revealed in a report published today. 1000 parents were consulted for Listen Up!, a report by the National Deaf Children’s Society, that highlights a number of failings, ranging from children being fitted with hearing aids that do not work, to audiologists misdiagnosing deaf children. 79% of […]

Andy Palmer: 7 speech development tips for children with cochlear implants

September 3, 2014


Going through boxes of dusty old stuff at the weekend I rediscovered a home-made game that I made to help my deaf son learn how to hear with his cochlear implant. It was something I called the ‘Ling Machine.’ The Ling Sounds are just noises that cover the spectrum of speech, from a low ‘mmm’ […]

Melinda Hildebrandt: The Deaf parenting situation that reminded me of David Brent in The Office

July 2, 2014


I recently found myself in a situation that reminded me of one of my favourite David Brent moments (and there are many) from The Office. Brent (played by Ricky Gervais with depths of pathos unseen since the days of W.C. Fields) is told by his boss, Jennifer Taylor-Clarke, that Wernham Hogg is under a financial cloud. Changes to the Slough branch will need to […]

Joseph Santini: Why critical literacy is so important for Deaf children

July 1, 2014


A recent episode of Kitchen Nightmares had the host, Chef Gordon Ramsay, excoriating a family about its restaurant, Sam’s Mediterranean Kabob Room. The Chef initially asks the whole family to take turns pointing out why the business isn’t improving. It’s painful to watch. At this point, the father and mother start crying. It’s obviously a real breakdown. […]